The Fast & Slow Web

The Fast & Slow Web

A presentation given at The University of Texas at Austin as part of my studies in the Digital Art & Media, Bridging Disciplines Program and Elements of Computing Program.

The Fast & Slow Web was a presentation intended to illustrate the concepts of the Fast Web and Slow web, as described in Jack Cheng's essay, The Slow Web -

This presentation has an accompanying essay which can be read here:


Taylor McCaslin

November 15, 2012


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    ABOUT ME •  Digital Designer & Manager •  Web Design

    & Development •  BA in Theatre & Dance •  Digital Art & Media •  Business Foundations •  Elements of Computer Science
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    THE FAST WEB In what ways have you used Facebook

    since you woke up this morning? A.  On the Computer B.  On Your Phone C.  Both Computer & Phone D.  Not at All
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    RANDOM & UNEXPECTED How often do you find yourself checking

    your device(s) for notifications or updates? A.  Never B.  Occasionally C.  Constantly
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    TIMELY time·ly/ˈtīmlē/ Adjective: Done or occurring at a favorable or

    useful time If you could know exactly when you were going to die, which would you prefer A.  Not to know at all B.  Know from birth C.  Be notified when exactly half your life is over D.  Know a year before you die
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    THE SLOW WEB •  Timely not real-time. •  Rhythm not

    random. •  Knowledge not information. •  Moderation not excess.