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Talking to the Memex

Talking to the Memex

Introduction to querying linked open data using RDF and SPARQL.



Miguel Ángel Pérez

June 19, 2014


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  2. Talking to the Memex RDF and SPARQL

  3. Why am I hearing about stupid “back-end” stuff? Two reasons:

    1. JSON-LD 1.0 is now supported by Google 2. I’m interested in this topic and preparing this talk has helped me learn more about it
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  5. Querying the Semantic Web

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  8. So, what aren’t we all using this? 1. You need

    to know SPARQL 2. You need to host a giant datastore 3. Not as easy to use as Google
  9. Lojban

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  11. Questions?