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Why buy an ad right now?

Why buy an ad right now?

Ryan Dohrn presentation


  1. 4/14/17 1 Why Buy Advertising Now? Ryan Dohrn 360AdSales.com [email protected]

    @RyanDohrn Idea #1: Use print or digital marketing to balance out word-of-mouth or social. @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com
  2. 4/14/17 2 Idea #2: Magazines and newspapers are the answer

    to fake news. @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com Idea #3: High dollar purchases require pre-marketing initiatives. @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com
  3. 4/14/17 3 Idea #4: Print has an incredible shelf life.

    (Source: Assoc of Mag Media, – 18 month shelf life average for magazines.) @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com Idea #5: Guessing when someone will buy something is nearly impossible . If you know the timing than get ahead of it. @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com
  4. 4/14/17 4 Idea #6: Reputation by affiliation is real and

    critical. @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com Idea #7: People are influenced even when they are “just looking around. ” @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com
  5. 4/14/17 5 Idea #8: Magazines are high end direct mail.

    (Source: McCarthy and King Marketing, 2% response rate from direct mail even if the piece is not “great”. ) @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com Idea #9: Readers retain magazine ads better than other marketing options. (Source: Penn State Study reported by Sabline Carbaugh Owner and COO of Golden Web Marketing) @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com
  6. 4/14/17 6 Idea #10: Magazines drive the familiar factor. 69%

    of consumers say there are very unlikely to click on brands they do not know much about. (Source: Marketing Sherpa/Adlucent) @RyanDohrn – www.360AdSales.com Why Buy Advertising Now? Ryan Dohrn 360AdSales.com [email protected] @RyanDohrn