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Only possible with Elixir - ubots Case Study

Only possible with Elixir - ubots Case Study

How to build four successful products with a tiny team of two working part-time after-hours? The answer is: Elixir.

- What are Slack Bots and why you should care
- How we decided on our architecture and what were the consequences
- How we've built a new framework using old ideas
- How we've built an end-to-end testing framework for complex interactions

Tymon Tobolski

May 07, 2021

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  1. My name is Tymon Tobolski. I'm the one behind tesla

    HTTP library. Co-founder of UBOTS - Useful bots for Slack @teamon @ GitHub @iteamon @ Twitter
  2. Why we succeeded? We didn't quit our jobs We didn't

    move to Silicon Valley We didn't take VC money
  3. !! != One Git repository One OTP application One Erlang

    release One Docker image + Two Developers ------------------------------ One Majestic Monolith
  4. Top-Level Modules lib !"" core/ !"" core.ex !"" core_web/ !""

    core_web.ex Core CoreWeb lib !"" bdgt/ !"" bdgt.ex !"" lunch/ !"" lunch.ex Bdgt Lunch lib !"" queue/ !"" queue.ex !"" td/ #"" td.ex Queue Td
  5. This must be slow lib/ 21.000 LOC $ time mix

    compile Compiling 277 files (.ex) real 0m34.552s test/ 10.000 LOC $ mix test Finished in 17.1 seconds 18 doctests, 483 tests
  6. HTTP POST /events content-type: application/json { "payload": { "user_id": "U123",

    "team_id": "T456" "command": "/help" } } --- POST /events content-type: text/form-urlencoded user_id=U123&team_id=T456&command=/help Core.Bot %Context{ user_id: "U123", team_id: "T456", responses: [...] ... } # Actions %Command{ command: "/queue", text: "help" } %Button{value: "join"} %Shortcut{...} ...
  7. Ubots Slack "Framework" Web App Slack App Plug.Conn Context Struct

    params Action Structs Plug Middleware Phoenix.Router (Pattern Matching) Phoenix.Controller Controller Phoenix.View View
  8. Pattern Matching in Actions ( ) def build(%{ "command" =>

    command, "text" => text }) do %Command{command: command, text: text} end def build(%{ "type" => "shortcut", "callback_id" => callback_id }) do %Shortcut{callback_id: callback_id} end def build(%{ "type" => "view_submission", "view" => %{ "callback_id" => callback_id, "external_id" => external_id, "state" => %{"values" => values} } }) do %Submit{ callback_id: callback_id, external_id: decode_external_id(external_id), values: decode_values(values) } end
  9. Pattern Matching in Controllers defmodule Queue.Controllers.Main do use Core.Bot.Controller def

    call(ctx, %Button{action_id: "button_join"}), do: # ... def call(ctx, %Command{text: "join"}), do: # ... def call(ctx, %Button{action_id: "button_leave"}), do: # ... def call(ctx, %Command{text: "leave"}), do: # ...
  10. Macros for Controller Pipelines defmodule Queue do use Core.Bot.Controller plug

    Core.Bot.Middleware.Logger plug Core.Bot.Middleware.Ignorables plug Core.Bot.Middleware.Duplicates plug Core.Bot.Middleware.Support plug Queue.Controllers.Main plug Queue.Controllers.Home plug Queue.Controllers.Workflows # ...
  11. Macros for DRY defmodule Core.Bot.Actions do use Core.Bot.ActionsBuilder defaction(Button, action_id:

    binary, value: binary ) defaction(Datepicker, action_id: binary, action_ts: binary, block_id: binary, initial_date: binary | nil, selected_date: binary )
  12. Unleashing the full potential setup do [ alice: Slack.user(), dev:

    Slack.channel() ] end test "/queue", %{alice: alice, dev: dev} do alice |> go_to_channel(dev) |> command("/queue") |> click_button("Join") assert visible?(dev, "People in queue") end
  13. Lax.Server (Single GenSever) defmodule Lax.Server do use GenServer # ...

    def handle_call({:get_channel, channel_id}, from, state) do handle_reply(Lax.State.get_channel(state, channel_id), from) end def handle_call({:access, action}, from, state) do handle_reply(Lax.Access.on(action, state), from) end def handle_call({:ui, action}, from, state) do handle_reply(Lax.UI.on(action, state), from) end def handle_call({:outgoing, ...}) do handle_reply(Lax.API.on(method, body, state), from) end # ... end ... The chery on top of all elixir features is the amazing community
  14. 10 out of 10 boxes say: YES! ✅ Tooling ✅

    Stability ✅ Readability ✅ Productivity ✅ Developer Experience ✅ Rich ecosystem ✅ Performance ✅ Scalability ✅ Community ✅ Great choice for business
  15. ! Q & A ! Visit ubots.xyz for Useful Slack

    Bots ! Sign up at moonhome.io for the Future of Remote Development ! Follow @iteamon on Twitter to stay up-to-date