Front-end Web Development with Ruby

E6a681d3dfbf3d886c4477fdd3b2b121?s=47 Matt Buck
August 11, 2012

Front-end Web Development with Ruby

While Ruby came to prominence with Rails as a solution for quickly and elegantly building full stack web applications, the past couple of years have seen an explosion of the number of Ruby projects catering to the needs of front-end web developers specifically. From using Middleman or nanoc to manage the process of building a static site, to using Compass to bring sanity to our stylesheets, to building custom gems to simplify JavaScript development workflow, this talk covers several scenarios in which developers can bring the ease and simplicity of Ruby to bear on time-consuming or otherwise frustrating front-end problems. We also cover using one of the new Backend as a Service providers to build a dynamic website entirely on the client side, radically simplifying the process of deployment.

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Matt Buck

August 11, 2012