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KCDC 2021 - The Human Side to Testing

September 22, 2021

KCDC 2021 - The Human Side to Testing

Slides for Human Side to Testing Talk given at KCDC 2021


September 22, 2021

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  1. We break things and test limits. We advocate for quality

    and the end user. But, our previous experiences are what drive our current path. @theqadiva
  2. PREVIOUS JOBS No QA grew up wanting to be a

    QA. We all had different paths we initially were going down. It's these paths that formed the way we test. @theqadiva
  3. We learned lessons in our work pre-QA about people and

    how they act that we can take forward with us to improve our QA practice. WORKING WITH PEOPLE @theqadiva
  4. By asking ourselves about our users, we can adapt our

    testing style to a variety of users and situations. There are things we do without thinking - like taking stock of who we are testing for or how we think they will use our product. ADAPTING TO OUR AUDIENCE @theqadiva
  5. IT is starting to become more of a people facing

    job, whether we want to admit it or not. We have to be able to adapt to our "audience" no matter who they are.
  6. People will actually put up with a great deal if

    in the end they are getting what they need/want. WHAT PEOPLE WILL TAKE @theqadiva
  7. Our own personal interactions and how we interact with the

    world outside ourselves goes into a lot of what we test as well. HOW WE INTERACT WITH THE WORLD AT LARGE @theqadiva
  8. We make assumptions based on interactions - whether we had

    them or whether someone has related them to us. They may or may not be correct, but these are the things that make us human and that we carry with us into our testing. HUMAN ASSUMPTIONS @theqadiva
  9. QAs use their lessons to test like a user. Things

    like edge cases that you didn't think about will be uncovered. QAs don't just look for the requirements to be met; they test those thinks a user might expect. Testing is so much more than just checking. There are so many places where software or an app can bring joy or pain and that's what a QA is looking to test - what will make this the best product for our users? HUMAN SIDE @theqadiva
  10. There are times in our lives when someone who knows

    us, knows better than we do They push us into the place where we should be. They find a way to open our minds and open doors so we can pursue what we are meant to do. SOMETIMES, OTHERS KNOW BETTER @theqadiva
  11. QAs usually end up in testing because someone else saw

    a place where they would fit. QAs typically fall into testing as a career. The road to testing is long and winding. We'll go several different directions until someone sets us on the path to where we are now. What we pick up along the way brings an element of humanity to how we test. HOW DID WE END UP HERE? @theqadiva
  12. There are a myriad of differences between testers; each has

    their own background. Each experience leads QA to test in a different way. NO TWO ARE THE SAME @theqadiva
  13. QA IS MORE THAN TESTING From varied backgrounds to varied

    skill sets No two are the same and no two test the same way We are here to advocate for quality and for the end user We found where we are supposed to be A good QA team will be a variety of good and bad experiences and skill levels and that's good Everything we did before influences what and how we test now @theqadiva