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The State of the League (2020)

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August 22, 2020

The State of the League (2020)

These are the slides that I presented during the keynote address of MLH Hackcon VIII.

This is going to be a HUGE year for hackers. Join me as I walk through everything the MLH community has achieved in the last year and lay the path forward for all we can achieve together in the coming one. This annual address serves as Major League Hacking's B-Corp Impact Report.



August 22, 2020


  1. State of the League August 2020

  2. They call me Swift • CEO & Co-Founder of Major

    League Hacking (MLH). • Aspiring lawyer who became a hacker instead. • Empowering hackers for 10 years now. swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne
  3. None
  4. High School. My story started in

  5. New Job. I needed to find a

  6. There must have been a Mistake

  7. Embarrassed Talking about my job made me feel

  8. What is a hackathon?

  9. anything like it. I’d never experienced

  10. Lawyer I want to be a Hacker

  11. 1,200 + Events Organized

  12. 95,000 + Hackers Empowered

  13. 39 % of hackers identified as female or non-binary.

  14. Lia Yeh University of California, Santa Barbara

  15. Sarina Abrishamcar University of California, Santa Barbara

  16. None
  17. We powered 16 hackathons focused on empowering underrepresented hackers last

  18. We’re lagging in racial & ethnic diversity.

  19. It’s time to change that.

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  21. Nothing has changed. Everything! ^

  22. 70 % of hackers are unsure they’ll attend events in-person

    this year.
  23. 10 % of hackers participated in an online hackathon before

  24. Virtual events are scary.

  25. Jacklyn Biggin University of Leeds, United Kingdom

  26. None
  27. Virtual events were here to stay.

  28. 16 hackathons in 16 weeks. We planned

  29. [VIDEO]

  30. 35 % of hackers plan to keep hacking at virtual

    hackathons after COVID.
  31. MLH Virtual Hackathon Organizer Guide. We codified all the best

    practices we learned into a guide that will teach you how to organize a world-class virtual hackathon from start to finish. guide.mlh.io
  32. Virtual Peer Groups – You’re not alone! Peer Groups are

    like mini Hackcons year-round. Hear directly from other organizers & collaborate to come up with solutions to the challenges you’re facing together. hackp.ac/peer-groups
  33. Software Prizes Coach Mini-Events Everything you love & more.

  34. +

  35. Introducing Hacker Swag Packs. Your hackers will each receive a

    personalized swag pack in the mail with goodies to help them show off their hacker pride. Tons of Stickers Promo Credit Personalized Letter Season T-Shirt
  36. Ellie the Electric Elephant. Meet your 2021 Season Mascot

  37. Swag Logistics. Tap directly into MLH’s

  38. Fully Remote Hardware Lab. Introducing the

  39. Weekend Tech Workshops. Make your event beginner friendly with

  40. New Peer Groups New Member Event Perks Virtual Organizer Guide

  41. What does it mean to have a local community in

    a remote world?
  42. Strong communities gather regularly.

  43. Nigel Brown University of California, San Diego

  44. The skills & network I gained through MLH helped me

    land a great job at IBM. “
  45. Fragmentation is one of the biggest risks to our community.

  46. Weekly Event Series. Bring your club together at our new

  47. Introducing OrganizerHQ. The software platform that MLH built to help

    organizers plan more than 2,000 events. It streamlines the planning process & makes organizing simple. organize.mlh.io
  48. It’s planning & event management all in one! Public event

    website Attendee registration Custom questions organize.mlh.io
  49. None
  50. All the MLH Localhost content you love. The entire MLH

    Localhost library is available on organizer HQ for you to organize for your community today and it’s easier than ever to get started. organize.mlh.io
  51. A global celebration of learning, building & sharing.

  52. 17,000 + Local Hack Day Attendees

  53. None
  54. OrganizerHQ Access LHD + Hacktoberfest Weekly Localhost Workshops

  55. 45,000 + Hackers lost their jobs due to COVID.

  56. None
  57. 150 MLH Fellows are about to graduate!

  58. Prosper Opara Federal University of Technology Owerri

  59. Joining the Fellowship was a game changer for me. The

    skills I learned helped me launch my career & land my first full-time job as a Software Engineer. “
  60. None
  61. Explorer Fellowship Build out your portfolio of personal projects &

    try new technologies in series of hackathon-like sprints. Open Source Fellowship Learn how to be a great Open Source citizen by contributing to major projects on GitHub. This Fall, we’re launching our second fellowship program.
  62. Part-Time. Now you can do the fellowship

  63. Need-Based. Stipends & Scholarships are now

  64. Interview Fast Track Top Teams from Member Events join the

  65. Need-based Stipends Fast Track Prizes New Fellowship Options

  66. Nothing has changed. Everything! ^

  67. Team MLH will be right there with you, every step

    of the way!
  68. We’re hiring Coaches! mlh.io/coaches

  69. Thanks, I’m Swift swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne

  70. None