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MLH INIT KEYNOTE: 2022 Season Kickoff

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July 02, 2021

MLH INIT KEYNOTE: 2022 Season Kickoff



July 02, 2021


  1. We empower hackers. 2022 Season Kickoff

  2. Hey, there! I’m Swift. 👋 CEO & Co-Founder of Major

    League Hacking (MLH). Aspiring lawyer who became a developer instead. Empowering technologists for 10 years now.
  3. We empower hackers.

  4. I wanted to be a lawyer before my first hackathon.

    Turns out that I’m a much better hacker.
  5. Back then I used to think my story was unique.

    It ends up, my story wasn’t unique at all.
  6. 500,000 MLH Community Members

  7. Meet Ebtesam Al Haque. Joined Community: HackDSC, 2020

  8. There was a feeling from her classmates that women didn’t

    belong in tech.
  9. Ebtesam learned so much at her first hackathon and felt

    so welcome.
  10. MLH hackathons helped boost my confidence and allowed me to

    set bigger goals for myself. Ebtesam Al Haque George Mason University “
  11. COVID changed everything.

  12. COVID changed everything. nothing!

  13. & Weekly Virtual Hackathons & Workshops Year-Round MLH will be

    back on campus this Fall (where it’s safe)
  14. No matter where you’re hacking from, you’re a part of

    the MLH Community.
  15. Where technologists come to level up. fellowship.mlh.io

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  17. Where technologists come to level up. fellowship.mlh.io

  18. Meet Emily Nguyen. Joined Community: SB Hacks, 2018

  19. Emily expected to hack by herself. She couldn’t have been

    more wrong.
  20. It was the technology community that helped break me out

    of my shell and encouraged me to be myself. Emily Nguyen UC San Diego “
  21. Emily found the skills and the confidence she needed to

    launch her career.
  22. 40% Non-Male Last Year

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  24. 40% Non-Male Last Year

  25. Learn More & Register: hackcon.mlh.io

  26. Did you guess the 2022 Season Mascot?

  27. Meet your new 2022 Season Mascot: Frankie, The File Ferret

  28. Meet Jarrel Thomas. Joined Community: Local Hack Day, 2018

  29. MLH helped me understand that coding wasn't just for coders,

    but for those with a hunger for innovation and the heart to make a difference. Jarrel Thomas UC Riverside “
  30. Jarrel found a job at shop, but never let go

    of his passion for the hacker community.
  31. Following his dreams led Jarrel to land a job at

    Twilio as a support engineer.
  32. Local Hack Day is a worldwide celebration of hacking.

  33. • Learn: October 10th - 18th, 2021 • Build: January

    9th - 17th, 2022 • Share: April 3rd -11th, 2022
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  35. Meet the rest of the 2021 MLH Top 50: top.mlh.io

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  37. Meet the rest of the 2022 MLH Top 50: top.mlh.io

  38. Happy Hacking!