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Everything you think you know about tech internships is wrong.

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December 08, 2020

Everything you think you know about tech internships is wrong.

Before COVID, landing a tech internship was always THE way to launch a career in software engineering. Today, things have changed. Massive shifts in remote work, online education, and the global economy have made things a lot more uncertain for both aspiring interns and employers. During this session, Swift will share insights from running the largest community of early career developers in the world, and lessons learned from teaming up with GitHub to reimagine the future of tech internships.



December 08, 2020


  1. Everything you think you know about tech internships is wrong.

  2. They call me Swift • CEO & Co-Founder of Major

    League Hacking (MLH). • Aspiring lawyer who became a hacker instead. • Empowering hackers for 10 years now. swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne
  3. Learning to code is like getting from zero to one.

    MLH helps developers get from one to a job. The MLH Fellowship is the best thing that happened to me and my career Yashika Sharma @yashika51 MLH helped me become a better engineer than any internship or school ever could. Brandon Barker @projectbarks MLH taught me skills that set me apart from my peers & led to an amazing job at Microsoft! Emily Huang @huang-emily The skills & network I gained through MLH helped me land a great job at IBM. Nigel Brown @pnbrown Summer 2020 was one of the most life changing experiences for me thanks to MLH. Jessie Nguyen @jessie_anh_ng
  4. 40,000 + Lost Internships

  5. What do tech internships look like in the post-COVID world?

  6. → First Job School

  7. Education is hard. Technical education is harder.

  8. Coding is more art than science.

  9. → → ??? First Job School

  10. → → Internships First Job School

  11. Projects Management Mentorship Experiences Sourcing Screening Hard to Scale +

  12. Resume filters don’t work when there’s nothing on your resume.

  13. ??? School → → → Internships First Job

  14. M O T I V A T I O N

  15. Hackathons School → → → Internships First Job

  16. None
  17. ALL LOVE HACKATHONS & MANY MORE Companies also figured out

    that hackathons are pretty awesome.
  18. Hackathons != Production

  19. Internships ??? Hackathons First Job School → → → →

  20. Internships Open Source Hackathons First Job School → → →

  21. 73 % of hackers want to contribute to Open Source

    but don’t know how.
  22. → → ??? First Job School

  23. Challenges In-Person Time Intensive Expensive Difficult Hard to Scale

  24. Challenges In-Person Time Intensive Expensive Difficult Hard to Scale

  25. None
  26. Real world projects, expert mentorship, & a strong community.

  27. 30,000 + Developers Applied

  28. None
  29. Thanks, Happy Hacking! swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne