The devs - The Forgotten of the Agility

9489b8d6f2dbdc3e7d26b8702143b86e?s=47 Yoan
April 25, 2019

The devs - The Forgotten of the Agility

In 2001, brilliant developers came together around an idea: we have to do our jobs differently that's why they have created the Agile Manifesto.
Since then, Agile frameworks and methods claiming to be heirs have proliferated.
Organisations have been created and have built flourishing businesses around Agility (don't need to name them)

Little by little, Agility has been diverted and no longer belongs to developers.
All you have to do is go to an Agile conference and ask the question of the number of developers in the assembly to prove it.

During this half hour together we will show you how much the developers have become forgotten about agility and we will give you keys to re-on-board them.



April 25, 2019