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Cubed-xarray lightning talk at SciPy2023

Cubed-xarray lightning talk at SciPy2023

Short 4-minute talk on using the Cubed package as an alternative to dask.array for processing large datasets in Xarray.

Given as a lightning talk at the SciPy Conference 2023 in Austin, TX.

See this blog post for more details (https://xarray.dev/blog/cubed-xarray)

Tom Nicholas

July 17, 2023

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  1. Cubed: Bounded-Memory
    Serverless Array Processing
    (in Xarray)
    *Tom Nicholas
    Tom White
    *[email protected]

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  2. Big science means *Big* arrays

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  3. So use dask.array!
    Dask is great, but it doesn’t always succeed…
    Sometimes unexpectedly exceeds your
    RAM budget
    Q: Can we guarantee
    distributed array execution
    respects RAM constraints?

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  4. Rechunker
    A: Yes! For certain operations…

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  5. Invented
    Cubed’s Design

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  6. Coiled Functions

    Serverless execution
    Deploy one serverless container per chunk - read from / write to Zarr

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  7. Xarray wraps Cubed OR Dask OR [new things??]
    Executes via
    Executes via

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  8. Read the blog post! https://xarray.dev/blog/cubed-xarray
    Also thanks Tom White
    for writing Cubed!
    Join the discussion!

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