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How to start with docker

How to start with docker

Shows some tips & tricks on how to start with docker for php projects.

Toni Van de Voorde

January 27, 2017

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  1. How to start with docker Toni Van de Voorde CTO

    @ Adlogix.eu / Adsdaq.eu @tonivdv Unconference
  2. Setup • Native on linux • Docker for Mac/Windows •

    Docker toolbox
  3. Docker For Mac • Pros • “Native” approach • No

    virtualbox (uses lightweight virtualization of mac-os hypervisor framework) • Nice UX • Cons • Shares without NFS • Only 1 virtual machine
  4. Docker Toolbox • Pros • Easy NFS support with docker-machine-nfs

    (OSX only) • Not only 1 virtual machine • Use whatever hypervisor you love (virtualbox, xhyve, parallel, vmware, …) • Cons • Less UX ?
  5. Docker Machine Tips Configure ip range per different box dm

    create \ -d virtualbox --virtualbox-hostonly-cidr "" --virtualbox-disk-size "10000" docker-test
  6. Docker Machine Tips Embrace speed by activating NFS brew install

    docker-machine-nfs $ docker-machine-nfs docker-test https://github.com/adlogix/docker-machine-nfs
  7. General Tips • Dnsmasq + jwilder’s nginx-proxy • Define your

    services with docker-compose • Don’t put sensitive data in the images (ssh keys etc) • Still be careful with case sensitivity
  8. How to with ssh? • Mount to container volumes: -

    ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh • SSH Agent • (hack) Copy to “volume” docker run --rm --name ssh-data -v my-ssh-data:/root/.ssh –v ${USER_PRIVATE_KEY}:/root/.host-ssh:ro busybox sh -c 'cp ~/.host-ssh/* ~/.ssh && chown -R root:root ~/.ssh && chmod -R 400 ~/.ssh’ docker run –v my-ssh-data:/root/.ssh composer ...
  9. Make cli-commands #!/bin/bash cd $(dirname "$0") docker-compose run --rm composer

    "[email protected]” #!/bin/bash cd $(dirname "$0") docker-compose run --rm php-cli php "[email protected]"
  10. Demo

  11. Questions?