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Kayak for older adults

Mudit Gupta
November 15, 2012

Kayak for older adults

Web accessibility assessment of Kaya.com

Mudit Gupta

November 15, 2012

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  1. Objective 1. To understand the cognitive and physical abilities of

    older adults 2. To gauge the interests and experiences with websites 3. To analyze issues, concerns, expectations and reactions 4. To suggest changes to existing website accordingly
  2. Process 1. Literature Studies 2. Functional Accessibility Evaluation 3. Survey

    Questionnaire 4. Focus group interviews 5. Information Architecture 6. Redesign Suggestions
  3. Findings from Literature Studies 1. Task performance decreases with advancing

    age Chadwick-Dias, A.,McNulty, M., Tullis, T. (2003) 2. Text size did not affect web performance Chadwick-Dias, A.,McNulty, M., Tullis, T. (2003) 3. Were most likely to click on the non-links 4. Had difficulty accessing information from highly detailed data tables
  4. Findings from Literature Studies 5. Had difficulty understanding web terminologies

    6. Spent more time reading text and instruction 7. Were confused of their location on the site Chadwick-Dias, A.,McNulty, M., Tullis, T. (2003) 8. Demonstrated difficulty using tabbed navigation that displayed on mouseover
  5. Findings from Literature Studies 9. Forms should avoid asterisks for

    required fields. Use spatial separation of Required and Optional input fields. Sayago, et al., Behavior & Information Technology, 2012
  6. Findings from Questionnaires 1. Have experience with computers and internet.

    2. Prefer using mouse over touchscreen 3. Do not generally customize web-pages. 4. Travel Deals and Bargains, Round trips, Hotels and Vacation Packages. 5. Value most important, need proof to believe
  7. Findings from Questionnaires 6. Determining in text is a link

    might be confusing 7. Advertisements and pop ups can be very frustrating.
  8. Findings from Focus group 1. Older adults not completely averse

    to Internet 2. Prefer a simple, uncluttered and easy to navigate website 3. Key features of website should be conspicuous with support for guidance 4. Trust a travel agent more than travel websites
  9. We identified key areas of the website that needed improvement

    Design improvements Help? How do we use the website? What is more?
  10. Redesign Suggestions Addition of drop-down menu on hover on "More"

    menu item improves visibility of previously hidden options
  11. No default selections. If the user chooses, they can check

    the options. Default selections cause spam-like popups which confuse and irritate users
  12. Add "alt text" to image tags The FAE revealed that

    images in Kayak lacked alt text. A visually impaired older adult using a screen reader will hear the alt text in place of the image