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Wrap-up, Next meeting ...

Wrap-up, Next meeting ...

Rob Fender
LOFAR Transients Key Project Meeting, Meudon, December 2011



June 23, 2012


  1. Closing remarks Lots of progress in 2011. Although a long

    way to go with the pipeline images (etc) the data are now 'routinely' reaching 10-20 mJy r.m.s. which means that they are scientifically useful. We are now limited by the astrophysics: bright synchrotron sources tend to vary slowly at low radio frequencies: SS433 is showing some signs of variability on ~months PKS 1510-089 should flare @ MHz 3-9 months from now
  2. None
  3. Its very nice to have imaging and time-series people together

    Sometimes described as a 'forced marriage' … but its not Other big projects (ASKAP, MeerKAT, APERTIF [probably]) have these separate
  4. None
  5. What can you/do you need to do? PIs/Council will handle

    calls for proposals initially – will contact for 'expert content' when required Keep getting your hands dirty with the data! Want to help with: Imaging data?: Contact Rob/Ralph Timing data?: Contact Ben/Jason Software?: Contact John
  6. Next meeting Next meeting in June 2012 UK? (Oxford/Southampton/Manchester) Combine

    with ThunderKAT? … Mauritius? (December 2012 probably in Amsterdam)
  7. UK? Mauritius?

  8. Finally.. Many thanks to the LOC A la prochaine Fin.