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Azure can recognize everything, but how?

Azure can recognize everything, but how?

Im Rahmen des Global Azure Bootcamps in München haben wir einen Vortrag über Custom Vision von Microsoft gehalten.


Sebastian Jensen

April 27, 2019

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  1. Azure can recognize everything, but how? THE ULTIMATE HOT DOG

  2. Robert Schlaeger Developer schlaeger@medialesson.de @RobAnybody_

  3. Sebastian Jensen Developer jensen@medialesson.de @tsjdevapps

  4. Quelle: YouTube | HBO

  5. What is … Custom Vision ... is a cognitive service

    that lets you build, deploy and improve your own image classifiers. An image classifier is an AI service that applies labels to images, according to their visual characteristics. It allows you to determine the labels to apply.
  6. Food Identifier – Custom Vision

  7. Demo Create a new Custom Vision project

  8. What is … Microsoft Flow … creates automated workflows between

    favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.
  9. Food Identifier – Microsoft Flow

  10. Demo Microsoft Flow for food identification in action

  11. Food Identifier – Angular

  12. Demo Food Identifier on Angular

  13. Food Identifier – Xamarin.Forms

  14. Food Identifier – Xamarin.Forms

  15. Demo Food Identifier with Xamarin.Forms

  16. What is … Onnx … stands for Open Neutral Network

    Exchange and is an open-source artificial intelligence ecosystem. It is developed by Facebook and Microsoft.
  17. Food Identifier – UWP

  18. Demo Offline image classification with ONNX

  19. Resources • Microsoft Custom Vision – https://customvision.ai/ • Microsoft Flow

    – https://flow.microsoft.com/ • Slides & Code – https://github.com/tsjdev-apps/gab19-customvision-demos
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