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Alexa on Azure - practical use cases for getting started with Functions

Alexa on Azure - practical use cases for getting started with Functions

In this talk we want to explore the magic of Azure Functions - what are they, what can we do with them and what's so cool about the serverless paradigm.

This session is all about examples: image manipulation, using AI services or building your very own Alexa skill - this is one for the demo gods!


Sebastian Jensen

May 26, 2018

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  1. Alexa on Azure Practical use cases for getting started with

    Azure Functions Thomas Pentenrieder, Sebastian Jensen | medialesson GmbH
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  3. Thomas Pentenrieder Consultant pentenrieder@medialesson.de @th_p

  4. Sebastian Jensen Developer jensen@medialesson.de @tsjdevapps

  5. What are Azure Functions? Code Events + Data Azure Functions

  6. Some Benefits Abstraction of Servers Sub-second billing Speed & Availability

    Instant Scale Focus on Logic Different Languages
  7. Language Support

  8. Local Testing

  9. Local Testing

  10. Local Testing

  11. Voice Assistant: Alexa • Amazon • April 2014 • Echo

    Family • Windows-PCs later this year… – Demo during Microsoft Build Conference 2018 Alexa
  12. Wording: Skill • Voice Experiences, which can be developed by

    third parties • Extends the available functions • "Voice Apps" with focused functionality • Are currently available for free • Be activated or deactivated via voice commands or companion apps
  13. None
  14. Demo

  15. Pros of Azure Functions • Azure Functions are cheap. •

    Azure Functions are simple for simple scenarios. • The amount of code you write in a function will probably be less than writing the same behavior outside of Azure Functions.
  16. Cons of Azure Functions • The languages and the runtimes

    for Azure Functions are not specialized. • Deploying, authoring, testing, and executing a function is difficult outside of Azure. • Startup time of the function is sometimes a little bit slow.
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  18. Thank you for your interest! www.medialesson.de

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