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Cat Burglar

January 04, 2021

Cat Burglar

A wizard's apprentice has to steal a crystal ball from an evil witch.


January 04, 2021


  1. Scene 1 Panel 10 Dialog GOAT: You're gonna go in

    there and steal that witch's crystal ball! Notes
  2. Scene 2 Panel 1 Dialog CAT: Do we really have

    to steal from this lady? Notes
  3. Scene 3 Panel 2 Dialog GOAT: If I can get

    that crystal ball into my staff, Notes
  4. Scene 3 Panel 3 Dialog GOAT: I'll become the most

    powerful wizard in the world! Notes
  5. Scene 3 Panel 4 Dialog GOAT: Do you not want

    to learn magic from the most powerful wizard in the world? Notes
  6. Scene 23 Panel 2 Dialog CAT: Be quiet! I just

    need to take this and go! Notes
  7. Scene 24 Panel 4 Dialog WITCH: I can't believe he'd

    ask a good boy like you to steal! I'll teach you some magic myself, how about that? Notes