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Dealing With A Devil

October 13, 2020

Dealing With A Devil

Three kids get more than they bargained for when they try to summon a demon.


October 13, 2020

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  1. Scene 7 Panel 1 Dialog J: Then we can use

    it to win the battle of the bands! Notes
  2. Scene 23 Panel 3 Dialog D: We know you have

    a lot of options for your infernal needs, Notes
  3. Scene 24 Panel 1 Dialog D: and we thank you

    for choosing our service. Notes
  4. Scene 24 Panel 2 Dialog D: What can I help

    you accomplish today? Notes
  5. Scene 25 Panel 2 Dialog A: Yeah they don't have

    big "Duke of Hell" energy. Notes
  6. Scene 32 Panel 1 Dialog Barbara: Hey now, don't beat

    yourself up about it, it's an easy mistake to make! Notes
  7. Scene 32 Panel 2 Dialog B: You should be more

    careful though, not every demon is as nice as me. Notes
  8. Scene 37 Panel 1 Dialog J: Awesome, we have this

    battle of the bands coming up and we NEED to win. Notes
  9. Scene 37 Panel 2 Dialog J: Could you like, conjure

    us some hellish guitars or something? Notes
  10. Scene 39 Panel 1 Dialog A: Can you make us

    inhumanly talented? Notes
  11. Scene 49 Panel 2 Dialog B: So do you wanna

    see me do a kickflip or not? Notes