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Forgetting Android

December 10, 2013

Forgetting Android

Cómo preparar la arquitectura de tu aplicación para que Android no sea nada más que una plataforma


December 10, 2013

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  1. Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.

    Good programmers write code that humans can understand. Martin Fowler jueves, 12 de diciembre de 13
  2. Single responsibility principle Open/closed principle Liskov substitution principle Interface segregation

    principle Dependency inversion principle jueves, 12 de diciembre de 13
  3. A good architecture allows you to defer framework decisions. A

    good architecture allows frameworks to act as plugins to the app. Robert Martin “The database is a detail, a hardware detail. We would not use one at all if all our data could fit in memory for ever” jueves, 12 de diciembre de 13
  4. UI External Interfaces Db Push Network Storage Interfaces Interfaces Business

    Model Interactors Interactors jueves, 12 de diciembre de 13
  5. UI Layer UI Layer UI Data Model Data Mapper Boundary

    Interactor Bussines Data Model Data Storage Test Storage Data Mapper Data Mapper Storage Data Model Test Data Model jueves, 12 de diciembre de 13
  6. FeedViewModel FeedBoundary FeedListFragment FeedProvider GetFeed GetFeedImp List<Hipster> User DataSource Net

    UserDataSource LikeDataSource Like DataSource Parse API UserApi API Retrofit api Parse api jueves, 12 de diciembre de 13