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Christine Itwaru - Embracing Product Operations

Christine Itwaru - Embracing Product Operations

Turing Fest

July 05, 2023

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  1. A look at the person in front of you: Background

    • NYC born and raised • St. Johns University • Services —> Finance —> Fintech —> SaaS Passion: • Strong Healthy Teams & Collaboration • Identifying Problems • Connecting People & Connecting the Dots
  2. Holtz/ Baker Tilly Marketing Coord Biz Dev Self Event Planning

    / Arts *PMM* Product Management Management PM Management Strategy PM Management Product Ops Strategy Professional Path:
  3. Associate Product Manager Product Owner Product Manager Senior Product Manager

    Lead Product Manager Principal Product Manager Distinguished Product Manager Group Product Manager Dir/Sr. Director of Product Management VP/SVP of Product Management Chief Product Of fi cer Individual Contributor Leadership
  4. UX Research Designer Analytics Engineer Empathy Curiosity Customer Experience Data

    Driven Empathy Customer Experience Data Driven Business Outcome Customer Experience Curiosity
  5. Becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim.

    I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn't end. Michelle Obama
  6. 1930’s P&G Call for Brand Men Free up time for

    Sales 1940’s HP follows Focuses on PMs getting closer to Customer 1950’s Toyota & Kaizen Continues development Center around customer
  7. 1960’s Rise of brand management Emotional Attachments & Sentiment matter

    1970’s PM & PMM split Separate focus on build vs. marketing activity 1980’s Software at Home Increasing presence in home Closer to customer
  8. 1990’s PM & Engineer Split Increased focus for PM On

    customer engagement 2000’s Agile & Cloud Depart from waterfall Move to incremental delivery 2010’s Data-driven Product Team CPO rises PM gains seat at the table
  9. State of Product: Last 5-10 years Digital transformation efforts Increased

    pressure and focus on business metrics Transparency is critical Increased competition Qualitative and quantitative data overload Remote working Product-led growth Macroeconomic conditions - focus on ef fi ciency
  10. So they ended up taking on more work… RESEARCHER TECH

  11. Burnout attributed to the following: Lack of autonomy Insuf fi

    cient reward Lack of fairness Breakdown of community Value con fl ict Unmanageable workload
  12. UX Research Designer Analytics Engineer Empathy Curiosity Customer Experience Data

    Driven Empathy Customer Experience Data Driven Business Outcome Customer Experience Curiosity Product Ops Transparency Empathy Data Driven Customer Experience
  13. 1. it’s a thing we’ve always done It’s systems we’ve

    created in some form for the Product Manager and the Product Team to work in It’s usually shared work across different individuals on the Product Team, who are first and foremost responsible for delivering product that solves customer pain and drives business outcomes
  14. 2. human(s) who create the system and focus on internal

    and external outcomes They’re strong partner(s) to the PM They’re advisors to product leadership They’re focused on enabling outcomes through a strong system for the PM
  15. Product ops is about setting up a system in the

    product organization to get the right data — both quantitative and qualitative — from the right places into the process for creating better products. I de fi ne product ops as building the connective tissue between the teams building your technology and the teams who interact with your users. If you’re building an audio system and the volume knob is the product, then the equalizer settings are the product ops function. You can turn up the volume, but the settings — the tweaks, the con fi gurations needed for that perfect product experience — is what I de fi ne as product ops. Melissa Perri, Founder Blake Samic, former Head of Product Ops Varun Ramamurthy Dinakur, Founder & CEO
  16. Common Focus Areas Transparency & Alignment Beta & Release Management

    Planning Internal Readiness Systems & Tools PM Toolstack management Systems integrations Education & Docs Technical Documentation In-app messaging strategy Data Management Standards for releases & measuring adoption/ retention Voice of Customer programs General Ops Product provisioning Customer issue and incident management
  17. Common Pain - Early/Mid - Tech Reporting & Communication Enablement

    Planning Data Collection Content & Education Systems Integrations
  18. Common Pain - Older/Mature - Non-Tech Coaching & Development Best

    Practices & Centers of Excellence Data Management Content & Education Tools & Systems Management Digital Transformation Efforts