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James Mayes — Making Remote Inclusive (Turing Fest 2018)

James Mayes — Making Remote Inclusive (Turing Fest 2018)

The culture of work and the very nature of how we do business have evolved massively in the last few years. This session will dive into how remote working has changed our office culture, our team communication and the management approaches required. James hasn’t been office-based since 1999, so he’s plenty of experience to draw on – and will bring a selection of advice and examples from other firms too. A strategic conversation with tactical advice.

Turing Fest

August 02, 2018

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  1. Making Remote Inclusive
 James Mayes
 Turing Fest, 2018

  2. @james_mayes 2

  3. Why are we talking about remote?

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  5. So what IS remote working? ➢ It’s a scale, not

    an all-or-nothing ➢ Distributed teams, remote working, telecommuting? ➢ It’s still a nascent model of working ➢ Great case studies to learn from – but still early days
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  7. “ “One of the secret benefits of using remote workers

    is that the work itself becomes the yardstick to judge someone's performance.” Jason Fried Office Not Required
  8. Let’s look at success

  9. Who’s winning?

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  11. My team 11

  12. A few shared attributes ➢ Willing and able to invest

    in the kit people need ➢ Remote first – or at least is considered equal ➢ Meaningful investment in culture
  13. Tactics

  14. 1. 
 The conference call

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  18. 2. 
 Messaging etiquette

  19. 3. 
 Timing is everything

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  21. 4. 
 The offsite

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  23. Key components ➢ Take advantage of the team time together

    ➢ Have clear goals & carefully constructed agenda ➢ Get a decent amount of team input prior!
  24. 5. 
 The office closure

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  26. 6. 

  27. Monitoring your team ➢ Be clear/consistent about measurements ➢ Encourage

    staff to take full advantage ➢ Beware over-reach ➢ Monitor annual leave – in reverse!
  28. 7. 
 Team Day

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  30. 8. 
 Bonus thought

  31. “ “Don’t hire for culture fit – hire for culture

    add” Eli Montgomery
 Wrapping up

  33. Let’s close out on some key points Be mindful &

    intentional Build empathy Find your blindspots 33 Focus on clarity
  34. 34 THANKS! You can find me at @james_mayes or james@mindtheproduct.com

    Credit to SlidesCarnival for slide design, used under CCA License