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Ops Skills and Tools for Beginners [MongoDB World 2014]

Ops Skills and Tools for Beginners [MongoDB World 2014]

Originally presented at MongoDB World 2014. This is an introduction to Ops with MongoDB aimed at Developers and people who haven't run MongoDB in production before. It covers some basics of servers, hosting, installation, monitoring and backups.

Russell Smith

June 24, 2014

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  1. Russell Smith ! English guy Mongo DB Master Ex Ops

    consultant Ruby / PHP developer YC S12 Alum Using mongo in Prod since 1.6/1.8
  2. @rainforestqa rainforest Best practices Ubuntu is simplest Install from Mongo’s

    repo Chose the right replica set size: 3 nodes Never use 32 bits
  3. Missing indexes! Running out of disk space Untested backups Sharding

    too late / wrong key un-replicated / even set size