We Made the PyCon TW 2016 Website

We Made the PyCon TW 2016 Website

We are the PyCon Taiwan 2016 Web Team. All your PyCon Taiwan website are belong to us.

You probably have seen our website. In this talk, I will outline how it’s built—with Django, and how we collaborated with other teams in the PyCon Taiwan staff.

The PyCon Taiwan 2016 website is made from countless little gems. I will talk about how we approach this task, from the ground up: How we chose from existing solutions, customised components in it, and built additional functionalities on top of it. The talk will include topics on registration handling, running common tasks with Django utilities, adding generic Python modules, and using tools to simplify collaboration.

Oh, and did you submit a proposal? I hope so—Our proposal system is awesome! I’ll also tell you how we implemented the proposal-review process (sharing some secrets in the process).


Tzu-ping Chung

June 03, 2016