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The Perfectly Legitimate Project

The Perfectly Legitimate Project

Grant Dobbe and Brendan O'Connor
ThotCon 0x5, April 25, 2014

When we can't use the Internet anymore---either because it's gone, or because we can't trust it---how can we share our cat GIFs, tear gas remedies, or recipes for Roasted Rodent Ratatouille? The Perfectly Legitimate Project creates a decentralized, Internet-optional system of sharing data among a group of nodes without relying on easy-to-locate mesh networks. PLP uses whatever’s available to move heavily-encrypted payloads around, including short-range wireless communications (on license-free VHF, UHF, ZigBee, or WiFi), sneakernet, or tasty (and nutritious!) carrier pigeons.

Brendan O'Connor

April 25, 2014

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  1. The Perfectly Legitimate Project If we didn’t call it Perfectly

    Legitimate, people might think it was nefarious. Grant Dobbe, BeSparq LLC! ! ! ! ! ! ! [email protected]! Brendan O’Connor, Malice Afterthought, Inc.! ! ! [email protected]! ThotCon 0x5! April 25, 2014
  2. Major Threats to the Internet ❖ Backhoes! ❖ Fronthoes! ❖

    Oppressive regimes! ❖ Turkey! ❖ Syria! ❖ Egypt! ❖ Gay rights in Uganda! ❖ Political dissidents in the US! ❖ David Cameron
  3. Problems in Information Transfer ❖ Replication (Everyone has the data)!

    ❖ (De)duplication (Everyone has one copy of the data)! ❖ Linearity (Everyone has the data in the same order)! ❖ Integrity (Everyone has the right data)
  4. Basic Workflow ❖ write all the code, hack all the

    things! ❖ $ git bundle create bundlename desiredbranch! ❖ copy bundle file to $SOMETHING (USB stick, burned CD, send as email attachment, whatever)! ❖ copy bundle to target machine, ! ❖ $ git clone bundlename reponame OR! ❖ $ git remote create -f bundlename remote-name OR! ❖ $ git remote update remote-name! ❖ do a git pull like you normally would $
  5. “I want them to remain secret for as long as

    men are capable of evil.” Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson
  6. Also a bit of TLS… But we’re huge jerks about

    it, so winning. Qualys says we get an A.
  7. $

  8. The Next Steps ❖ Route All The Things! ❖ Transfer

    Receipts / Chain of Custody! ❖ HTML5 Storage $
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