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Ajay Chopra - Pitching & Planning Design Research for Multi-million Dollar Enterprise Tools

Ajay Chopra - Pitching & Planning Design Research for Multi-million Dollar Enterprise Tools

Positioning and pitching for design research in an enterprise environment is a completely different ballgame. Though organizations are spending millions on newer technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and digital transformation projects; users' (read employees) insights & preferences are often neglected which results in poorer adoption of these tools or in building ineffective products. To gain a positive ROI, design research should be pitched and integrated within the transformation approach. Planning design research for internal assignments requires a different approach from a regular external user research program. I will deep dive into the approach, best practices for transformation vs AI/ML projects, case studies, and lessons learned while implementing large-scale digital transformation and re-platforming projects.



March 17, 2022

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  1. Planning Design Research for Multi-million Dollar Enterprise Tools

  2. 2 I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and

    pay respect to the elders’ past and present.
  3. I am Ajay Hello! 3 ◉ Enterprise Product design SME

    from past 15 years ◉ Worked as a consultant and as an in-house designer ◉ Worked in 5 countries and with clients from atleast 20 countries ◉ Clientele is from Large governments, Multinational companies, IT, Technology, BFSI, Aviation and Automobile ◉ Experience in Salesforce, SAP, Sitecore, AEM implementations
  4. 4 I am not Deepak Chopra

  5. Welcome to Futura 5

  6. 6

  7. 7

  8. 8

  9. 9

  10. What exactly is Enterprise UX 1 10

  11. “ “Designing user experiences for large-footprint software for internal functions

    such as HR and accounting systems, customer relationship management (CRM), vendor management, and others large corporations” 11 “serious users” “garbage software” “Boring” “Stressful” “ No other choice”
  12. “ The design of products for people at work. 12

  13. How is it different from CUX 13 ◉ Used by

    trained professionals ◉ Meant to be used for long hours ◉ Driven by corporate strategy ◉ Motivation for use is different
  14. 14

  15. “ But why Companies are not thinking about employees… 15

  16. UX is not for employees? 16 ◉ UX is for

    customers ◉ Because they are getting paid for it ◉ We are investing in training ◉ We never hear complaints ◉ We have got the best tools ◉ We don’t know how
  17. Impact of bad EUX 17 ◉ Low productivity ◉ Attrition

    ◉ Stress ◉ Major accidents / Blunders
  18. 18 Bad UX Costed Citibank $500M

  19. 19 $125M Software rehaul stopped by Avon because of MAJOR

  20. 20 Three Mile Island accident

  21. 21 $150B lost due to abandoned projects

  22. “ Let’s talk about Million-dollar Enterprise tools 22

  23. How to pitch Design Research 2 23

  24. How to Pitch 24 ◉ Design research is non-negotiable. It

    is not fat. ◉ Design research should be integrated into the project plan ◉ Call out the deliverables and their values to the project in simple language ◉ Highlight that Design is a differentiator ◉ Call out cost of rebuilding ◉ Get the experts to talk about the value of Design Research ◉ Include success stories of the same domain/situation
  25. Return of Investment The return of investment in UX design

    is $100 dollars for every $1 invested 25 $1 UX
  26. Time Saving The input of an UX SME reduces the

    amount of time developers have to rework a project 26 Without UX Designer With UX Designer -50% -33% Time spend by developers on a project
  27. User Acceptance of projects fail due to lack of user

    acceptance 27 70%
  28. How to plan Design Research 3 28

  29. How to Plan 29 ◉ Map key stakeholders and their

    expectations from the project ◉ Be diplomatic but transparent ◉ Get access to actual users and not dummy users ◉ Educate your users beforehand about the objective of the research and its value for them ◉ Have some informal time with them (if possible) ◉ Read between the lines. Employees do not open up easily.
  30. “ UX can take a good product and multiply its

    value! 30 Sagi Schrieber, co-founder, Hacking UI
  31. Any questions ? You can write to me at ◉

    Ajaychopra19@gmail.com Thanks! 31
  32. Free templates for all your presentation needs Ready to use,

    professional and customizable 100% free for personal or commercial use Blow your audience away with attractive visuals For PowerPoint and Google Slides 32