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Christopher Ellis - How to create advocacy through storytelling

Christopher Ellis - How to create advocacy through storytelling

Every day designers and researchers present new ideas, more often than not these stay as presentations and don’t make it into reality.

I will unpack why it is hard for people to buy into new ideas, and how to combat the common challenges that arise when trying to create change.

More than ever we need ideas to be experimented with, put in front of the community and tangible change implemented.



March 17, 2022

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  1. Create advocacy through storytelling. How to

  2. Hey, I’m Christopher I work @ Future Friendly

  3. 3 Some work

  4. 4 Evolve storytelling From To Having the audience see and

    hear facts. Taking the audience to a place where they understand and connect with our ideas. Challenge ideas Becoming advocates, driving forward the work.
  5. 5 Humans have a Truth default It’s how we function

    as a society. If we challenged everything nothing would get done.
  6. 6 With believing new ideas, this is not the case

    We are built to be skeptics, to poke holes in theories and ensure everything has been considered before agreeing.
  7. 7 Credible Are you the right people to be sharing

    this idea? How people typically challenge ideas Problem Is that the right problem, do you understand it enough? Vision What is your idea? I don’t understand where we are going Believable I don’t really believe it, even though you have a bunch of facts. Practical Can we actually do what you’re proposing? Aspirational Is it aspirational enough for me to advocate the idea
  8. We need to tackle each of these points as we

    are telling our story. But we need to tackle them in the right order, and in the right way.
  9. Storytelling arc

  10. 10 – Ensure your story is credible

  11. List out the previous work that has informed your thinking

    List out everyone who has been involved to date &
  12. 12

  13. 13 – Clearly define the problem space.

  14. 14 Without aligning on the problem space It’s impossible for

    everyone to agree on a solution
  15. 15 We are unable to meet basic needs due to

    a fragmented customer experience. Customer I have to always start from scratch when applying for products, no one shares my preferences and details with other teams. Business We frequently suggest the wrong products due to not having the full picture of the customer Root problem Symptoms
  16. 16 – Have a vision for the future state.

  17. 17 Have an opinion be clear that is it is

    your opinion. &
  18. 18 Don’t assume anyone will make the same conclusions you

    made. This isn’t a formula, It’s dangerous to assume that anyone will take away the same meaning.
  19. 19 A vision statement should clearly describe the future you

    are designing for And what everyone gets when you arrive
  20. 20 An experience that supports students to explore, compare and

    choose the right course for them. Students will be able to confidently select courses based on interests, preferences and suitability. Vision Where we are going Outcome What we get when we arrive
  21. 21 Show where this vision fits in relation to everything

    else. Quick & easy access to personalised content Helping customers self serve Critical focus Seamless log in experience
  22. 22 – Connect your facts with human stories.

  23. Facts & figures are critical, but they are not relatable.

    If you want your audience to believe you, make your research relatable.
  24. 24 1 in 3 Australian households would be unable to

    find $500 in an emergency. I guess I wouldn't buy meat that week. Reaction to a scenario where they had to budget with $50 less a week. Finances were so tight that food was the only thing the customer could cut back. Joel 55 years old Statistic Human story Representative sample of 3,000 Australians. Statistic relative to consumers’ income
  25. 25 – Break the idea down so it’s practical.

  26. Solutions that lead to real change, are seen as too

  27. 3 horizons roadmap Horizon 1: Delivering value today. The foundations

    for the future Horizon 2: The bridge to the future Connect, consolidate and guide Horizon 3: Delivering on the vision The beyond everyday banking Platform Allow customers to gain visibility over where their business truly stands. Provide the guidance to help customers spot patterns and make sense of the numbers. A single place to help customers and teams to understand and manage change over time — with all the tools, and support needed to prosper. Key features Key features Key features
  28. 28 – Make your presentation digestible

  29. One idea per slide Helps people follow the story.

  30. Speak human Avoid jargon

  31. Use diagrams Support different learning styles

  32. Discuss worries before goals It is extremely difficult to have

    a genuine, meaningful conversation about the customer’s long-term goals without first addressing the worries that are impeding their clarity of thought.
  33. 33 – Make it aspirational.

  34. We need change now 34

  35. e/ chris@futurefriendly.team t/ @christoph_ellis l/ linkedin.com/in/ellischristoph Thank you Questions? Say