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UXINDIA16- Design, Develop and SURVIVE ( Naveen Mamgain ) by uxindia

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October 21, 2016

UXINDIA16- Design, Develop and SURVIVE ( Naveen Mamgain ) by uxindia

Once app has developed and submitted to the store then in first few days decide the fate of application. And for app its pivotal to get the attention and downloaded. What companies should focus on while launching their app. What happens if your target audience is almost everyone. In this talk I want to focus on key things which we have experimented in our company and got good results.



October 21, 2016


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  2. Naveen Mamgain UX Architect RailYatri.in

  3. Design Develop Survive

  4. Apps, Apps and more… Apps

  5. Study shows that anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of

    all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users.
  6. And it all happens within 1 day

  7. Let’s get downloaded first

  8. App Store Listing It all starts when users searching for

    an app.
  9. App Logo App logo should be explanatory enough to interpret

    the idea of product and its service.
  10. Description Description of app should be precise and simple enough

    to understand by users. App size Try to keep it in a range of 1-5 MB initially. Once app goes viral; size doesn’t matter.
  11. First launch of application – keep it simple Matt Wilson

    - dribbble
  12. Sign In DOORS Login shown when a customer is requested

    to create an account before they can use any part of a product
  13. None
  14. There’s no magic wand or secret formula for a first

    time user experience to put up a spectacular show
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  16. Repeat the User Experience

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  18. No matter how interactive or lovely your app looks, without

    crisp and valuable content it’s all futile. Informative content reinforces user to come again and experience app repeatedly.
  19. Regular Engagement with Users

  20. Online Offline

  21. None
  22. Other areas to consider • User Feedback • Analytics •

    App store ratings • Localization
  23. Possible reasons for uninstallation

  24. Thanks