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UX in Lux - User Journey Map

Ux in Lux
June 19, 2019

UX in Lux - User Journey Map

How do people use our product or service? This is a question a lot of designer and other people ask themselves. It’s sometimes complex to get in the mind of our users. One of the tools that can help us do that is the custom/user journey map.

A journey map will help us visualize the process that users go through to accomplish a specific goal. It’s a narrative divided in different phases. For each phase, the designer tries to understand the thoughts, pain points and emotions of the user and identify opportunities for improvement along the way.

In this workshop we will split in small groups to build a “guerilla” user journey map of the user’s experience with one specific service.

Ux in Lux

June 19, 2019

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  1. Welcome to the workshop! We are UX designers and we

    propose UX workshops in Luxembourg !
  2. Share your knowledge with the community! Contact us if you

    want to present a workshop or share a UX method!
  3. What’s the plan? 1. Discover the user journey map 2.

    Try it yourself ! 3. Why use Journey maps ? 4. Links, then drinks Schedule
  4. A journey map is a visualization of the process that

    a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. Definition https://www.nngroup.com/articles/journey-mapping-101/
  5. • Actor (user, persona..) • Scenario and expectations (ex: find

    bakery & eat delicious bread) • Journey phases (high level / ex : discover, try, buy, use, seek support) • Actions, Mindsets, and Emotions • Opportunities • Internal ownership Key items
  6. How did you ended up here ? Guerrilla user journey

    map 1. In groups of 4-5, choose an actor (one of you) 2. Define all the user journey map of this actor (draw it !)
  7. 3. List and describe the different phases of the journey

    Don’t forget about what happens before and after users interact with your products and services. 5’
  8. Why use Journey Maps ? • Share a visual understanding

    of user’s steps with the whole team • Easily identify issues and opportunities in the process • Easy to share with all stakeholders • Good basis to take decisions
  9. • Méthodes UX chapitre 12 by Carine Lallemand • Journey

    mapping 101 https:/ /www.nngroup.com/articles/journey- mapping-101/ Learn more
  10. Thank you :) Contact us if you want to present

    a workshop or share a UX method! @ux_lux on twitter - [email protected]
  11. • Less specific : a generic human undergoing a general

    human experience • Used for understanding a general human behavior VS Experience map ?
  12. • Visualize the relationships between different service components (such as

    people or processes) at various touchpoints in a specific customer journey VS Service blueprint ?
  13. • Visual version of a user story. (As a ____

    I want to _____ ) • For planning and implementation (think little picture) VS User Story Map ?