Introduction to Digital Accessibility

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November 20, 2019

Introduction to Digital Accessibility

This event will focus on Digital Accessibility, which is essential to persons with disabilities and it benefits all users. The objective of the presentation is to raise awareness and show best practices.
For this event, we had two guest speakers.
Tanja Kleut is an Accessibility specialist at the European Parliament. Evaluates accessibility of websites and mobile applications in the early development, delivers presentations on accessibility and promotes universal design. In her free time collaborates with the European Blind Union on the regular monthly podcast on technological accessibility innovations for visually impaired persons.
Twitter profile: @TanjaKleut
Francesco Rossi is a Linguist-IT Specialist at the European Parliament. He coordinates IT projects in the Directorate General for Translation and he is involved in the Digital Accessibility Project, giving advice on the evaluation of websites and applications, delivering presentations on accessibility and liaising with stakeholders in and outside European Institutions.
Twitter: @Francesc0Rossi


Ux in Lux

November 20, 2019