How cognitive biases influence user’s decisions (and ours)

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March 06, 2019

How cognitive biases influence user’s decisions (and ours)

Cognitive biases are psychological tendencies that cause the human brain to draw incorrect conclusions. For better or worse, we can use them in many different ways to influence user behaviour on your websites and apps. As designers (and as customers), it’s also interesting to be aware of such biases. For instance, some of them might influence your user research without you even knowing it.

The list of cognitive biases is long and scary for a lot of people, some people even turned them into a poster to make it easier to remember. We propose to work together to make this complex topic a little bit easier to understand.

In small groups, we will go through parts of the list of different cognitive biases we could use to persuade our users. We will try to build the MOST persuasive site possible (or maybe the worst one, who knows) and present those sites to the other groups. Cheaters never win, right?


Ux in Lux

March 06, 2019