5 seconds test

D14a5a0ac27e24a0b2865c9c33dede87?s=47 Ux in Lux
October 30, 2018

5 seconds test

Every 2 months in Luxembourg, we will try to organize and animate UX workshops/meetups to share knowledge among UX designers and raise awareness about UX methodologies and tools for non-designers (Business Analysts, marketing teams, content strategists,even developers, etc.)

For this third meetup, we will focus on something called "The Five Second Test"

Sometimes, all it takes for a user is less than five seconds to decide if they want to spend more time on your site or not. Especially if they are coming from search engines or social networks. The Five Second Test, as its name suggest, is a UX method to help you understand the first impression users will have of your website.

We will present you the method and then you will test it in small groups of 4 to 5 participants.

If you have a site you want to test, please let us know, it would be more fun.

Depending of the participants, we can do it in either English or French


Ux in Lux

October 30, 2018