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DeFiChain Tech Talk - DFI Uniswap Staking, DeFi Options & DeFi Meta Chain

U-Zyn Chua
August 11, 2022

DeFiChain Tech Talk - DFI Uniswap Staking, DeFi Options & DeFi Meta Chain

Talk presented live and available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__bzkD8h9KA

U-Zyn Chua

August 11, 2022

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  1. DeFiChain Tech Talk August 2022 U-Zyn Chua @uzyn

  2. Topics 1. Uniswap liquidity mining program 2. Wrytes 3. DeFi

    Meta Chain
  3. Uniswap Liquidity Mining

  4. https://uniswap.de fi chain.com

  5. https://v2.info.uniswap.org/token/0x8fc8f8269ebca376d046ce292dc7eac40c8d358a

  6. Uniswap staking 1. 3 DEXes with rewards: 1. ETH-DFI 2.

    USDT-DFI 3. USDC-DFI 2. Must stake via https://uniswap.de fi chain.com to be eligible for LM rewards.
  7. 1% reward during trial

  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zavKaPODJNprUtpX8IM4_7jRm1-YVkA_9B4p6ddL-i4/edit#gid=0

  9. Demo https://uniswap.de fi chain.com

  10. DeFi community Let's reach out to the wider DeFi community

    – esp. Ethereum! Show them the APR, and educate them about the native DeFiChain!
  11. DeFi Options

  12. https://wrytes. fi nance/

  13. Wrytes Prototype for Options for DeFiChain. Prototype is built on

    EVM. Features: - Liquidity mining! - Flexible strike price and parameters. - Analogous to automated market-maker (AMM) of DEX - Combined liquidity pool
  14. Wrytes Technicals https://medium.com/ birthdayresearch/decentralizing- options-a-new-approach- d7ef51f73747

  15. Roles: Writer • Liquidity mining in DFI payout • Gets

    access to immediate premium • Provides guarantee to Options settlement • Exit requires wait time
  16. Roles: Buyer • Purchase options via combined liquidity pool. No

    need to look for counterparty. • Arbitrage against other Options market. • Pays premium (DFI). • Exercise if options expire ITM. (European style)
  17. Early Preview

  18. DeFiChain Options • Liquidity mining earning DFI (ERC20). • Trial

    for 3 months for feedback, bug fi xes, improvements. • Recommendation for adoption into Native DeFi / DeFi Meta Chain after that. • DFI rewards are already pre-allocated in DFIP.
  19. DeFi Meta Chain

  20. Features 1. Full visibility on both chains: • Native DeFiChain

    + DeFi Meta Chain (EVM) 2. Consensus: • Native DeFiChain: Proof of Stake + Work (PoS+W) • DeFi Meta Chain: Proof of Anchor • Native blocks emit fi rst, carry DMC block meta data. • No block rewards at DMC, only tx fees.
  21. 3. Coin and Tokens interoperability • DFI and dTokens can

    cross chains • Fully trustless, no special nodes as all nodes have full visibility. • ERC20 compatibility – maximum compatibility with smart contracts of today! Features
  22. None
  23. None
  24. https://github.com DeFiCh/metachain Follow the dev progress

  25. Exciting times ahead!