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I've an idea, let's do a webapp - or not

I've an idea, let's do a webapp - or not

Small talk demonstrating various types of UI, to go further and beyond the web page, around a TicTacToe example.

Code (use at your own risk) can be found on github:
* http://github.com/vanakenm/ttt
* http://github.com/vanakenm/ttt-web
* http://github.com/vanakenm/ttt-cmd

Martin Van Aken

August 05, 2014

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  1. I got an idea Let’s do a webapp… Or not

    “There is more than pages to the web”
  2. Why

  3. Why

  4. Why

  5. • Rails nice JSON support • Test APIs with Chrome/Postman

    • Manage options with OptionParser • Call APIs with rest-client • Deploy to heroku • Send mails with Postmark and Mail • Receive inbound mails