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The Easiest Miami Divorce

The Easiest Miami Divorce

Learn the 3 steps to an uncontested divorce in Miami, FL for a flat fee.


Vivian Rodriguez

July 13, 2018


  1. 3 Steps to an Uncontested Divorce The Easiest Miami Divorce

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  2. Tel: 305-710-9419 You’re about to discover the easiest way to

    get an uncontested divorce. 2 © MiamiDivorceOnline.com/Vivian C. Rodriguez PA
  3. Tel: 305-710-9419 Step 1 Visit www.MiamiDivorceOnline.com 3 Visit MiamiDivorceOnline.com to

    learn more about an uncontested divorce If it’s what you’re looking for, submit your information. The Attorney will call you and answer all your questions. She will also quote you a flat fee for an uncontested divorce. Or, you can always call © MiamiDivorceOnline.com/Vivian C. Rodriguez PA
  4. Tel: 305-710-9419 Step 2 www.MiamiDivorceOnline.com 4 If you have no

    questions, you simply send the signed documents to the Attorney. Once you’ve hired the Attorney, she will prepare all your documents and email them to you. You will also get instructions to help you, but you can always call with any questions you may have. © MiamiDivorceOnline.com/Vivian C. Rodriguez PA
  5. Tel: 305-710-9419 Step 3 www.MiamiDivorceOnline.com 5 YOU only have to

    meet the Attorney at Court on the date of your hearing. The Attorney will file the case, and do everything that needs to be done to complete the divorce, and keep you informed. © MiamiDivorceOnline.com/Vivian C. Rodriguez PA
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    run MiamiDivorceOnline.com. On these presentation I’ve tried to provide you a quick intro to the process of an uncontested divorce—it is the easiest divorce process, and I provide it for a flat fee. To find out more about me visit viviancrodriguez.com/aboutus/ Below is boring but important legal stuff that you should know when accessing legal information on the net. ACCESSING AND/OR READING THIS PRESENTATION WILL NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP * All information provided on this presentation is GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY, and NOT LEGAL ADVICE-you SHOULD NOT use or rely on any information on this here to resolve your legal issues * You should consult an attorney to help you with your individual legal problem. Vivian C. Rodriguez is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida.
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