Mastering The Arcane Art of JavaScriptmancy - Swetugg Edition

1dfad8107453e0f493ff1a6a8e48d503?s=47 Jaime
February 02, 2016

Mastering The Arcane Art of JavaScriptmancy - Swetugg Edition

For many years has JavaScript been frown upon and look down on by many developers due to its quirky nature, obscure behaviors and many a one WTFs that populate its hairy APIs.

Frown upon no more! For with modern design patterns, libraries, tools and the long awaited JavaScript 6 Harmony (ES6, ES2015) writing JavaScript is now a pleasure.

Join me at the school of JavaScript-mancy as we travel along the modern landscape of writing JavaScript in 2015 and beyond, as we discover the organic evolution of this beautiful language and its thriving ecosystem, and delve in the latest features/spells/incantations of the JavaScript Arcana.



February 02, 2016