7 Years of DDD: Tackling Complexity in Marketing Systems

7 Years of DDD: Tackling Complexity in Marketing Systems

Turns out Domain-Driven Design works not only for cargo shipping, but for marketing systems as well. In this session I’d like to share the story of Plexop - a large-scale marketing system that spans over a dozen of different business domains: from optimizing advertising spaces, to managing sales agents’ commissions. Plexop had to be implemented with tight resources, and even tighter time to market. That’s why we embraced Domain-Driven Design from day one, and boy did it pay out. I’ll show how DDD allowed us deliver Plexop on time and on budget: what worked, what didn’t, what we had to learn ourselves, and the prices we paid when tried to cut corners.


Vladik Khononov

February 01, 2018