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Benefits of personal projects

Benefits of personal projects

Vlatka Pavišić

November 08, 2016

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  1. Benefits of personal projects Vlatka Pavišić, Ruby on Rails developer

    @ af83
  2. Ruby on Rails beginner

  3. First job

  4. while(true) { cook }

  5. Wild idea appeared !

  6. *le result cuisinehacker.co

  7. The benefits of personal projects • They accelerate learning •

    They make your CV look better • You can get code reviews, pull requests, birthday wishes - and learn even more • They mirror your progress as a developer
  8. The benefits of personal projects • You become better at

    your hobby • You become more interesting • They provide shelter from problems ◦ “People who experience flow describe it as ‘a state of effortless concentration so deep that they lose their sense of time, of themselves, of their problems’.” - Thinking, Fast and Slow • You make the world a better place ◦ Someone might learn from your code ◦ Someone might like the content
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