IoT Use Case: Screenly

IoT Use Case: Screenly

An IoT use case story presented at BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid, Spain.


Viktor Petersson

November 17, 2015


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  2. Quick Raspberry Pi intro

  3. Image from The Raspberry Pi Foundation ~$35

  4. Plethora of Linux distros Raspbian Pidora RaspBMC OpenELEC Arch Snappy

    Core and more...
  5. Building a business with the Raspberry Pi Use case: Screenly

  6. Digital Signage

  7. “We can do it better...”

  8. Enter Raspberry Pi.

  9. Screenly OSE.

  10. 120,991 views 689 replies Marketing

  11. Pre-configured image: Download from Install yourself (on Raspbian): $

    curl -sL | bash Screenly OSE installation
  12. Live demo available at

  13. Screenly Pro.

  14. ‣ "Set and forget" digital signage ‣ Central interface ‣

    Powers thousands of screens around the world ‣ Free hardware* or Bring Your Own (BYO) About Screenly Pro * With 12 month subscription.
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  18. What we've learned.

  19. Amazing community and eco system

  20. It’s not a regular PC.

  21. SD cards are very unreliable (and only use Class 10).

  22. Get a proper power supply (no, your TV is not

    a proper power supply).
  23. There are lots of crappy TVs

  24. WiFi is great. (Until it isn't.)

  25. # For managing your Raspberry Pi $ raspi-config # Get

    information from your monitor # via HDMI (and power on / off monitor) $ tvservice 
 # Hardware accelerated video player $ omxplayer
  26. Q&A

  27. Learn more about Screenly: Contact me: @vpetersson