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Sylius and Sulu | Commerce and Content

Sylius and Sulu | Commerce and Content

Kundenspezifische eCommerce-Prozesse und eine anspruchsvolle Content-Architektur zusammen zu bringen ist eine große Herausforderung. Oft muss ein Basissystem erweitert oder kombiniert werden. Letzteren Weg haben wir gewählt und sozusagen das eCommerce Framework Sylius mit der Content Management Platform Sulu verheiratet. Ein Erfahrungsbericht.

Wachter Johannes

September 27, 2019

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  1. Content and Commerce +

  2. Hey, I’m Johannes – Studied Computer Science MSc – Started

    to work MASSIVE ART WebServices in 2013 – Sulu Core Developer – PHP / Symfony / JavaScript / React / Elasticsearch / SQL / … – Now working for Sulu GmbH and responsible for Custom Development @wachterjohannes johannes@sulu.io https://github.com/wachterjohannes
  3. The Players

  4. Sulu – Content Management Platform – Full-Stack Symfony – Made

    for businesses – Simple UI – High Performance – 100% Open Source
  5. For business – Built with the needs of business and

    industry in mind – Enterprise features without ridiculous license fees – Supports multi-language, multi-portal and multi-channel – Easy to integrate data from external resources – Perfect for developing any type of business app
  6. For editors – Really simple and very fast user interface

    – Web-based, no installation required – Edit forms that validate content & ensure correct semantics – Live preview content as you type it – Switch between different devices (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop)
  7. For developers – Full-Stack Symfony environment – Semantic configuration of

    templates – Easy transition from data to HTML – Build applications around content management – Add/Remove functionality with Symfony Bundles
  8. Bicycles Everyone can ride them, many can repair it

    etc.) Cars Many can ride them, some can repair it
 (Drupal, TYPO3 etc.) Supertanker Need highly specialized staff, expensive and very complex
 (Hybris, OpenText, Adobe Experience Manager etc.) Trucks Need a special license, must be configured to your needs (eZ Publish, Pimcore etc.) Where we see us …
  9. Sylius – eCommerce Platform – Full-Stack Symfony – Extensible and

    customizable – Many Plugins – Adapters for PIMs/ERPs – Multi-Channel
  10. Sylius – Complete Solution – But modular – Short time

    to Market – Allows incremental development process
  11. Compare Sulu Sylius E-Commerce - x E-Commerce Plugins - x

 PIMs / ERPs - x Shop User API - x
  12. Compare Sulu Sylius Content Management x - (Very basic Plugin)

    Configurable Templates x - Advanced Caching (Varnish) x - Drafting / Versioning / Audience Targeting x -
  13. Compare Sulu Sylius Multi-Portal / Channel x x Multi-Language x

    x Flexible / Intuitive Admin UI x (for content) x (for eCommerce) Symfony x x
  14. “ What belongs together, grows together!

  15. The Game

  16. Content-Commerce – Editorial Content – Combined with matching Products –

    Added value for Customer – Increased Sells https://www.zielbar.de/magazin/content-marketing-commerce-9650/
  17. Brooklyn Soap Company – Men Healthcare Journal – Each Post

    with matching products – Editorial Content – Less interactions https://bklynsoap.com/de/
  18. Nike Run Club – App for individuell training-plans – Tipps

    & Tricks in a Journal – Application combined with editorial Content https://www.nike.com/at/de_de/c/running/nike-run-club/training-plans
  19. Headless eCommerce – Decouple presentation and eCommerce Layer – Add

    flexibility and maintainability – Independent of Selling channel – Use-Case specific systems https://www.massiveart.com/blog/technologien-fuer-headless-e-commerce
  20. Traditional vs. Headless eCommerce Traditional Headless Front-end Development – Design

    constraints – Time to edit the database, code and platform is massive – No design constraint. Just make a simple API call – Need to make front-end presentation from scratch Customization and personalization Pre-defined experience for both users and admin Create your own experience for both users and admin Flexibilität and adaptability Front-end is tightly coupled with back-end - only little room for customization – Endless customization – Changes can be made in the front- end https://www.coredna.com/blogs/headless-commerce
  21. The Gameplay

  22. First attempt
 Full Integration – Symfony + Symfony – Sulu

    API driven – Sylius provides API
  23. None
  24. “ Don’t bark up the wrong tree.

  25. Second attempt
 Synchronization – Sulu & Sylius working parallel –

    Synchronize product data – Sulu renders the webpage – Interaction with Sylius over Rest-API
  26. None
  27. How much is enough?

  28. None
  29. Sulu as Gateway

  30. Sulu as Content-Provider

  31. “ Questions upon questions??

  32. Game Winners

  33. Feinschmecker Shop – Developed by Sulu – Using – Symfony

    Messenger + Redis Streams – SuluArticleBundle – Various Sylius Plugins – React App talking to Sylius ShopApi Plugin https://www.feinschmecker.de/
  34. Glasses24 – Developed by brille24.de – Online but Work in

    Progress – Using – Synchronization to ArticleBundle – Sulu pipelines Sylius ShopApi Plugin – Planned – Akaneo PIM Integration – Cutting of SuluArticleBundle by using Elasticsearch directly https://www.glasses24.com/
  35. Boneco – Developed by MASSIVE ART WebServices – Work in

    progress – Using – Symfony Messenger + Redis Stream – Synchronization to custom Entity in Sulu – React App talking to Sylius ShopApi Plugin
  36. None