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From Developer to Technical Manager - A Survival Guide

From Developer to Technical Manager - A Survival Guide

In this talk, I shared my career journey of transitioning from a "Senior Developer to a Technical Manager role", what surprised me, what preconceived assumptions were busted, key challenges faced and dilemmas developers usually face, and some insights that can help an aspirant prepare better.

This talk was delivered at DevFest Munich 2023 https://gdg.community.dev/events/details/google-gdg-munich-presents-devfest-munich-2023/

Wahib Ul Haq

December 03, 2023

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  1. #DevFestMunich @wahibhaq From Developer to Technical Manager Missing Coding? What

    do you even do? Imposter syndrome? A SURVIVAL GUIDE
  2. @wahibhaq #DevFestMunich Career Journey… Education Developer Android Developer (2011 -

    2019) Started getting Active in Community Developer Advocate Developer Advocate @Huawei (2019 - 2020) Co-launched @DevRelMunich Meetup Technical Manager Tech Program Manager @Huawei (2020 - 2022) Sr. Program Manager @diconium (2023 - now) 02 03 04 01
  3. #DevFestMunich @wahibhaq Move from Dev to X Manager ➔ Promotion

    at current Company ➔ Role Evolves (Need-Driven) ➔ Search and Move to a new role in a new Company ➔ Other Reasons
  4. #DevFestMunich @wahibhaq Source: https://codecapsule.com Move from Dev to X Manager

    Source: https://www.quora.com/profile/Dmitry-Shvetsov-2
  5. “60% of new managers fail within the first two years.”

    (CEB Global) Photo by Brusk Dede on Unsplash
  6. Photo by Brusk Dede on Unsplash “Transition failures happen because

    new leaders either misunderstand the essential demands of the situation or lack the skill and flexibility to adapt to them." (The First 90 Days)
  7. @wahibhaq #DevFestMunich Some Survival Tenets Character Be consistently reliable Mindset

    Growth Mindset Upskilling Identify gaps, Learn, Use Relationships Connect, build good rapport, seek/offer help
  8. @wahibhaq #DevFestMunich Read Personalities. Act accordingly. Stakeholder Management. Fulfill Expectations.

    RACI matrix. Build your “braintrust”. Seek help. Build your Social Capital at workplace. Build your allies. Set boundaries early. Protect your mental well-being. Juggle time effectively with diverse nature of topics. Focus on Impact. Eisenhower Matrix. Transform Complex details to Simpler Messaging. Actionable. Presentations. Appealing. O Audience-driven. One-Pagers. Business Communication. Clear. Nonviolent Communication. Business Case Proposals. To get buy-ins. 4W1H Framework. Shift. Think like a leader. Success Metrics/Expectations are diff now. Don’t expect laid out plans. Be Patient. Expect uncertainty. Adapt. Keep Adding Value, Proactively. Make it visible. Pragmatic > Perfectionist. Figure out fast. Don’t become a blocker. Title shouldn’t limit you. Big picture. Stop underselling yourself. But it also not a popularity contest. Mindset Upskilling Relationships
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