Automating Android Apps with Github Actions - DSC MUET

Automating Android Apps with Github Actions - DSC MUET

Wajahat Karim delivers a talk about automating Android apps build process and APK delivery (CI/CD) through Github Actions at an online webinar organized by DSC MUET, Jamshoro.

Full video of the talk is available at:


Wajahat Karim

June 06, 2020


  1. Automating Android Apps with Github Wajahat Karim GDE in Android DSC MUET
  2. - Google Developer Expert in Android - Over 8 years

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  3. Agenda 1. What is CI/CD? 2. Some Examples of

    CI/CD 3. CI/CD in Android 4. AppCenter Demo 5. Github Actions Demo
  4. What’s CI / CD? Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD)

  5. Some CI/CD Providers

  6. Example 1 - Website A workflow of my website:

  7. Example 2 - Open Source Libraries Image:

  8. CI / CD in Android Push code to Github Run

    tests / Build APK Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD)
  9. Github Actions - Workflow Image:

  10. Thank you for listening... @WajahatKarim