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Becoming a Google Developer Expert (GDE) - Pakistan Tech Summit

Becoming a Google Developer Expert (GDE) - Pakistan Tech Summit

🔊 Wajahat Karim talks about how and why to become a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in an online event Pakistan Tech Summit organized by Ejad Labs.

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Wajahat Karim

June 14, 2020


  1. Becoming a Google Developer Expert (GDE) Wajahat Karim GDE in

    Android Pakistan Tech Summit
  2. - Google Developer Expert in Android - Over 8 years

    experience in Android - Open Source Contributor - Technical Blogs & Books Writer - Love to share my knowledge with others Follow me on Twitter @WajahatKarim | This is Wajahat Karim
  3. Blogging & Writing

  4. Open Source

  5. Public Speaking

  6. Becoming a GDE Attempt # 1 - October 2018

    Less than a year experience Attemp # 2 - March 2019 Eligible but had a medical situation - Needed time Attempt # 3 - December 2019 Eligible, applied, and done with interviews - Now waiting for final results
  7. Welcome to GDE family

  8. WHAT & WHY HOW Q & A

  9. WHAT & WHY

  10. G D E Google Developer Expert Google related technologies Has

    serious technical knowledge Good at it. Influencer in community
  11. Experts Program a global network of highly experienced technology experts,

    influencers and thought leaders who actively support developers, companies and tech communities by speaking at events, publishing content

  13. Categories ➔ Android ➔ Angular ➔ Firebase ➔ Flutter ➔

    Web Technologies ➔ Machine Learning ➔ Dart ➔ Assistant ➔ Kotlin ➔ Google Maps Platform ➔ Go ➔ Internet of Things GDEs needed for Pakistan
  14. WHY? Bringing impact in the community by sharing what you

    love and helping others in need
  15. HOW?

  16. Loves to contribute to community & giving back. Period. Speaking

    - Meetups, Conferences, Webinars Content - Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Books Open Source - Projects, Plugins, Issues, Samples Community - Meetups, StackOverflow, Mentoring Eligibility
  17. Exams? No Exams It's not a Certification. It's a Recognition

    of your contributions towards community
  18. Interviews? Yes By who? GDEs and Googlers How many? Multiple

    Questions? Tech & Non-tech
  19. Want to Apply? Get Involved. Start by Doing.

  20. Ready to apply? Getting Nominated is the half battle. Saad

    Hamid Regional Lead - Google Contact Saad bhai / Other GDEs / Me
  21. More Details Official - @WajahatKarim - Becoming a GDE

    - @frosty - Preparing to become a GDE - @JecelynYeen - How was my 4 years experience as GDE? -
  22. Special Thanks Pakistan Tech Summit Wahib Haq & Nimra Maqsood

    Jecelyn Yeen
  23. Thank you for listening... @WajahatKarim Subscribe to my