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Implementing MVVM in Android - GDG Live

Implementing MVVM in Android - GDG Live

🔊 Wajahat Karim delivers a talk about implementing MVVM architecture in Android at an online webinar organized by GDG Live Pakistan.

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Wajahat Karim

April 11, 2020


  1. Implementing MVVM in Android Wajahat Karim GDE in Android

    GDG Live Pakistan
  2. - Google Developer Expert in Android - Over 8 years

    experience in Android - Open Source Contributor - Technical Blogs & Books Writer - Love to share my knowledge with others Follow me on Twitter @WajahatKarim | This is Wajahat Karim
  3. MV* - The Confusion Begins! Model Controller Presenter ViewModel Intent

  4. Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Model ViewModel View This is a architecture not

    the architecture Exposes Data Requests Data Observes User Actions & Events
  5. MVVM on Android Jetpack for the Rescue

  6. LiveData 1. An Observable with LifeCycle ability 2. Instantly notifies

    the changes in the data to the UI Observes for updates LiveData value updates Notifies the observer Update the UI STARTED Or RESUMED?
  7. ViewModel 1. Middle man for View & Model 2. Decouples

    data from the view to survive the configuration changes 3. Never put the references to “Context” or “View” inside the ViewModel
  8. Finally, the Architecture All the UI related stuff Holds data

    required by UI and survives configuration changes Responsible for providing data to ViewModel Data sources (or model) such as database or from the server
  9. Testing Who got time for it? My code is perfect.

  10. Focus of this session 1. ViewModel, LiveData 2. Kotlin,

    Extension Methods 3. Dependency Injection with Koin 4. Retrofit for Networking 5. Coil for image downloading
  11. Coding Time

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