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What's New in Android 11 - GDG Lahore

What's New in Android 11 - GDG聽Lahore

馃攰 Wajahat Karim talks about the new features and APIs in Android 11 at Android 11 Meetups organized by GDG Lahore.

馃憠 Full video: https://youtu.be/mE-B2h5l2ac

Wajahat Karim

July 04, 2020

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  1. GDG Lahore What鈥檚 new in Android Wajahat Karim Google Developer

    Expert in Android wajahatkarim.com
  2. GDG Lahore This is Wajahat Karim! - Google Developer Expert

    in Android - Over 8 years experience in Android - Open Source Contributor - Technical Blogs & Books Writer - Love to share my knowledge with others Follow me on Twitter @WajahatKarim Visit my website: wajahatkarim.com
  3. GDG Lahore

  4. GDG Lahore So鈥 what is new? What鈥檚 new about What鈥檚

    New in Android? People Controls Privacy
  5. GDG Lahore People

  6. GDG Lahore Credits: OneSignal Conversations 鈥 Dedicated section at top

    of the noti铿乧ations 鈼 Only for chat / messaging apps
  7. GDG Lahore Credits: InfoTechNews Chat Bubbles 鈥 Help users to

    keep conversations in view and accessible while multitasking 鈼 Only for chat / messaging apps 鈼 Created with Noti铿乧ations API 鈼 Better than SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission https://wajahatkarim.com/2020/04/what-happened-to-chat-bubbles/
  8. GDG Lahore Credits: Android Central Auto铿乴l Keyboard 鈥 Lets Auto铿乴l

    apps and Input Method Editors (IMEs) like Keyboards securely offer context-speci铿乧 entities and strings directly in an IME鈥檚 suggestion strip.
  9. GDG Lahore Controls

  10. GDG Lahore Credits: CNET Quick Controls 鈥 Triggers on long

    press Power button 鈼 Power off options 鈼 Google Play cards 鈼 Smart Home device controls
  11. GDG Lahore Credits: 9to5google Media Resumptions 鈥 Control panel-esque setup

    embedded directly at the top of your screen 鈼 Used to be clustered between noti铿乧ations 鈼 Only accessible through Developer Options for now
  12. GDG Lahore Credits: MashTips Share Menu 鈥 Pin Apps in

    Share Menu 鈼 Allows faster sharing
  13. GDG Lahore 鈥 Scheduling dark mode 鈼 All time dark

    or light 鈼 Switch between dark / light at speci铿乧 times Credits: MashTips Improved Dark Mode
  14. GDG Lahore 鈥 Picture-in-Picture displays can be resized 鈼 Such

    as Google Maps navigation 鈼 YouTube videos 鈼 Video Calls Credits: 9to5google Resizable Picture-in-Picture
  15. GDG Lahore Credits: 9to5google Screen Recorder 鈥 Native screen recording

    鈼 Quick settings tile 鈼 No more third parties
  16. GDG Lahore Privacy

  17. GDG Lahore Credits: VentureBeat Permissions 鈥 One-time permissions 鈼 lets

    users give an app access to the device microphone, camera, or location, just that one time 鈥 Permissions auto-reset 鈼 Android 11 will 鈥渁uto-reset鈥 all of the runtime permissions of the app if its not used for a while (e.g. 3 months) 鈥 Background location 鈼 Developers will need to get approval to access background location in their app to prevent misuse
  18. GDG Lahore Developers

  19. GDG Lahore Window Insets 鈥 More information about the multiple

    types of content being displayed 鈼 Status, navigation, IME, ...
  20. GDG Lahore WindowInsets // get WindowInsets object from listener view.setOnApplyWindowInsetsListener

    { view, insets -> // See if the IME is visible val imeVisible = insets.isVisible((WindowInsets.Type.ime())) if (imeVisible) { val imeInsets = insets.getInsets(WindowInsets.Type.ime()) // ... } }
  21. GDG Lahore IME Animations 鈥 Synchronize keyboard animations with app

    content changes 鈼 Listen for changes 鈻 AND/OR 鈼 Drive keyboard animation directly
  22. GDG Lahore IME Animations

  23. GDG Lahore Data Access Auditing 鈥 Listen for when user-permission-required

    data is accessed 鈥 Great for large apps or use of external libraries
  24. GDG Lahore 鈥 Callbacks invoked when user-permission-required data is accessed

    Data Access Auditing
  25. GDG Lahore Data Access Auditing val appOpsCallback = object :

    AppOpsManager.OnOpNotedCallback() { override fun onNoted(syncNotedAppOp: SyncNotedAppOp) { ... } override fun onSelfNoted(syncNotedAppOp: SyncNotedAppOp) { ... } override fun onAsyncNoted(asyncNotedAppOp: AsyncNotedAppOp) { ... } } val appOpsManager = getSystemService(AppOpsManager::class.java) as AppOpsManager appOpsManager.setOnOpNotedCallback(mainExecutor, appOpsCallback)
  26. GDG Lahore One-Time Permissions

  27. GDG Lahore 鈥 More restrictive in Android 11 鈥 First,

    request foreground permission 鈥 Then request background permission 鈥 Takes user to Settings Background Location
  28. GDG Lahore 鈥 Android 10 required manifest attribute for Location

    鈥 Android 11 adds 鈼 Camera 鈼 Microphone Foreground Services
  29. GDG Lahore Foreground Service Type <manifest> ... <service ... android:foregroundServiceType="camera|microphone"

    /> ... </manifest>
  30. GDG Lahore Developer Goodies

  31. GDG Lahore Wi-Fi Debugging Because there are never enough USB

  32. GDG Lahore Wi-Fi Debugging Because there are never enough USB

  33. GDG Lahore Crash Reasons Reporting 鈥 API to query why

    your app crashed 鈼 Upload reports
  34. GDG Lahore Crash Reasons Querying // Returns List of ApplicationExitInfo

    val reasonsList = activityManager.getHistoricalProcessExitReasons( packageName, pid /* 0 for all matches */, max /* 0 for all */) for (info in reasonsList) { // Log/store/upload info.reason // REASON_LOW_MEMORY, REASON_CRASH, REASON_ANR, etc. }
  35. GDG Lahore ADB Incremental 鈥 Faster installs via command-line 鈥

    For huge APKs (think: games) 鈥 Up to 10x faster
  36. GDG Lahore ADB Incremental // First: sign APK, create APK

    Signature Scheme v4 file // Then, run ADB incremental $ adb install --incremental
  37. GDG Lahore Behavior Changes 鈥 Most changes limited to targetSdk

    R 鈥 Test changes with behavior toggles 鈼 Command-line 鈼 New Developer Options panel
  38. GDG Lahore Toggling Behavior Changes // adb shell am compat

    (enable|disable) (CHANGE_ID|CHANGE_NAME) \ PACKAGE_NAME $ adb shell am compat disable DEFAULT_SCOPED_STORAGE \ com.android.samples.android11playground
  39. GDG Lahore But Wait, There鈥檚 More! https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2020/06/unwrapping-android-11-beta-plus-more.html #11WeeksOfAndroid

  40. Thank you! @WajahatKarim wajahatkarim.com youtube.com/c/wajahatkarim3