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How Rackspace is Deploying OpenStack with Ansible

C055127ff46fefbd5f93b26a9b621acb?s=47 Walter Bentley
February 05, 2015

How Rackspace is Deploying OpenStack with Ansible

AnsibleFest London 2015 Presentation


Walter Bentley

February 05, 2015


  1. How Rackspace Is Deploying OpenStack with Ansible Walter Bentley, RPC

    Solutions Architect Twitter: @djstayflypro LinkedIn: http://goo.gl/r2p21i Github: wbentley15 Blog: hitchnyc.com
  2. 2 I started my 17-year IT career as an MS

    .ASP developer and transitioned into supporting web-based applications. The bulk of my time was spent providing production support as an on-call engineer. Who Am I?
  3. 3 How Did We Get Here? Hybrid Stable & Scalable

    Automation Flexible •  In early 2014, Rackspace embarked on the journey of developing a RPC version to move from the OpenStack release of Havana onto Icehouse! •  Looking to implement improvements gained from the many lessons learned! •  New reference architecture had to deliver these 4 core principles:"
  4. 4 www.rackspace.com OpenStack® Architecture KEYSTONE IDENTITY GLANCE IMAGE MANAGEMENT NOVA

  5. 5 Rackspace Private Cloud v9.0 – built on OpenStack Reference

    Architecture Artifact
  6. 6 www.rackspace.com Why Ansible? •  Clarity and ease of use!

    •  Creating playbooks is highly accessible for developers! •  Other groups in Rackspace already using Ansible, and Rackspace has a good relationship with them! •  Existing Ansible modules for OpenStack! •  Ease of use in configuring hosts and containers! •  Only SSH and Python required on the target device, no clients/agents! •  Components and configurations can be upgraded or modified in isolation or combination"
  7. 7 www.rackspace.com What I Love About Ansible •  Open Source!!!

    •  Ansible’s goal first and foremost is simplicity and maximum ease of use •  Code is written in Python •  Playbooks are written in the YAML format •  Clearly defined best practices
  8. Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) v9.0 Under the Covers

  9. 9 www.rackspace.com Rackspace Private Cloud v9.0 Under the Covers To

    deploy the OpenStack Private Cloud, it was broken down into three main playbooks:! •  ansible-playbook -e @/etc/rpc_deploy/user_variables.yml playbooks/setup/host-setup.yml! •  ansible-playbook -e @/etc/rpc_deploy/user_variables.yml playbooks/infrastructure/haproxy-install.yml (optional)! •  ansible-playbook -e @/etc/rpc_deploy/user_variables.yml playbooks/infrastructure/infrastructure- setup.yml! •  ansible-playbook -e @/etc/rpc_deploy/user_variables.yml playbooks/openstack/openstack-setup.yml
 ! All playbooks are dependent on two configuration files:! •  rpc_user_config.yml" •  user_variables.yml"
  10. 10 www.rackspace.com Rackspace Private Cloud v9.0 Before You Get in

    Bed For a person like me…! If you plan to do it once…!
  11. 11 www.rackspace.com Why not create some roles and playbooks to

    automate all those pre-configurations!
  12. 12 www.rackspace.com Rackspace Private Cloud v9.0 How Ansible Solved My

    Problem Decided to build some playbooks to handle all the pre-implementation work! •  Deploy locally; using Vagrant, VirtualBox and of course…Ansible! •  git clone --recursive https://github.com/wbentley15/vagrant-rpcv901_deploy.git" •  git clone --recursive https://github.com/wbentley15/vagrant-rpcv901.git" •  Deploy on Rackspace Public Cloud; solely using Ansible!
  13. 13 www.rackspace.com OpenStack Community Adoption In the end of November,

    the community voted to accept our playbooks as a Stackforge repository, making them the basis of Ansible support for OpenStack going forward! •  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/132703 •  Community Page: https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/projects/stackforge/os-ansible-deployment •  Issues: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~openstack-ansible •  IRC on Freenode: #openstack-ansible •  Code Location: https://github.com/stackforge/os-ansible-deployment This means a lot to Rackspace and opens up the door for community contribution!
  14. 14 www.rackspace.com Rackspace Private Cloud v9.0 Reference Materials Rackspace Private

    Cloud Installation Guide:
 http://docs.rackspace.com/rpc/api/v9/bk-rpc-installation/content/rpc-common-front.html" ! GitHub Repo Location:
 https://github.com/stackforge/os-ansible-deployment" " Blog for Deploying RPC with Ansible:
  15. 15 www.rackspace.com Q&A Session Twitter: @djstayflypro Email: walter.bentley@rackspace.com

  16. 16 Walter officially addicted to Ansible a n d I

    a m
  17. Thank You! https://speakerdeck.com/wbentley15/how-rackspace-is-deploying- openstack-with-ansible Always available for further questions!