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Running a Remote Distributed Company Powered by WordPress

December 01, 2023

Running a Remote Distributed Company Powered by WordPress

In this lightning talk, Gan will share how Automattic – the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce and more – runs its internal company operations with WordPress, how it fosters a unique company culture, and the benefits and impact of doing so.


December 01, 2023

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  1. 3 - Blog - Company website, marketing, etc. - E-commerce

    online store - Bookings - Learning management system All these are public, external facing websites. How do people use WordPress?
  2. About Automattic - Fully remote distributed company. - About 2000

    Automatticians work from around the world. - Our intranet: more than 1000 WordPress P2-themed sites running on WordPress.com. 7
  3. Automattic’s Intranet 9 - More than 1000 WordPress P2-themed sites

    running on WordPress.com. - WordPress.com is the world’s largest WordPress multisite network.
  4. 14 How we use P2 - Company news and announcement.

    - HR. - Legal. - Finance. - Employee handbook. - Leave application.
  5. 15 How we use P2 - Partnerships. - Security incident.

    - Team website. - Project management. - Knowledge sharing. - Hobby and special interest group. - And many more!
  6. Business 22 - All important communications happen in P2. -

    No emails, no WhatsApp messages, i.e. no information silo! - Information silo can be costly!
  7. Business 23 - Every decisions are documented and traceable. -

    Make better-informed future decisions based on past decisions.
  8. Can I use this? 26 - Democratize intranet! - Small

    business. - Large business. - Developer agency.
  9. WordPress for your own company and culture 28 - This

    is not a P2 sales pitch. - This is meant to be an inspiration or an idea pitch. - You can customize WordPress and make it work best for your own company and culture.