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The Integration of CDP in WordPress Page and Its Application (CDP在WordPress頁面中的整合及其應用)

December 01, 2023

The Integration of CDP in WordPress Page and Its Application (CDP在WordPress頁面中的整合及其應用)

As technology continues to evolve, so does the field of digital marketing. We are witnessing some important digital marketing trends that will shape the future of marketing. Ricky as founder of Reform Marketing Solutions, and Vice Chairman of Design Council of HK, is to share the importance of developing your own Customers Data Platform (CDP) and its benefits, and how it works in line with CRM.

隨著科技不斷發展,數位行銷領域也在不斷發展。我們正在見證一些重要的數位行銷趨勢,這些趨勢將塑造行銷的未來。Ricky 作為 Reform Marketing Solutions 的創始人、香港設計委員會副主席,將分享開發自己的客戶數據平台 (Customer Data Platform, CDP) 的重要性及其好處,以及它如何與 CRM 結合。


December 01, 2023

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  1. TABLE OF CONTENTS Trend in Digital Marketing 1 2 Customer

    Data Platform (CDP) 3 Seamless Integration of WordPress with CDP WordPress CRM & CDP Integration 4
  2. 香港工業總會設計分組副主席 中華廠商會網絡營銷顧問 僱員再培訓局義務導師 CLAP@JC EA 導師 RICKY CHAN Founder of

    Reform Marketing Solutions 愛爾蘭大學 • 數碼推廣碩士學位畢業 香港設計師委員會副主席
  3. v 香港政府資助 合資格供應商 我們是 WHO WE ARE 網絡營銷顧問 香港科技園公司 香港中華廠商聯合會

    香港政府部門營銷策略講座 DIGIZ AWARDS 2022 最有效搜尋引擎推廣活動 Marketing-Interactive
  4. IT Solution Productive YOUR MARKETING SOLUTION WHY CHOOSE US Reliable

    Experienced Efficiency Accurate Innovative Digital Marketing Expert Consultant
  5. 2024 Marketing Trends What customers value... Digital Marketing Trend Tailored

    and Targeted Service Seamless Customer Experience Enhanced Customer Engagement Data Privacy Rights Personalized Content Multichannel Marketing AI Marketing Tools Data Privacy and Transparency 1
  6. GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION 2016 年5 月24 日通過一般資料保護規則 ( 取代歐盟1995

    年個人資料保護指令) 2024, Digital Marketing is in Crisis?
  7. In June 2017, Safari introduced Intelligent Anti- Tracking Feature. In

    August 2019, Google Chrome launched the Privacy Sandbox Project. In September 2019, Firefox released Enhanced Tracking Protection. In January 2020, Google announced the phasing out of third-party cookies in Chrome within two years. In June 2020, Apple introduced a new privacy policy that defaults to turning off IDFA usage and requires manual user approval. 2024, Digital Marketing is in Crisis?
  8. User preferences Browsing behavior Device information IP address Purchase history

    Shopping cart details Ad interactions WHAT IS COOKIE? A website cookie can track various information, including:
  9. WHAT IS CDP? CDP can collect and synthesize data of...

    Browsing history Browsing time Types of content viewed Social Media Ads Impressions and click Personalization data Audience data Website Activity Engagement Follower profile
  10. First-party data Mobile & device data Personal & demographic CRM

    Coupon Email Unique Content Advertising Look A Like Mobile Whatspp SMS MMS Profile building Clustering Identity Resolution Segmentation Enforce Validate Extract Transform Behavioral & transactional data HOW DOES CDP WORK? EVENT
  11. CDP CDP V.S GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4 Sources Channels Marketing Effectiveness

    User profile First Party Data Cross-channel: website, social media, email Personalized marketing through integrated customer data Comprehensive data of customer profolio GA4 Third Party Data Website-focused Optimizing marketing campaigns by evaluating website traffic None
  12. What Can it do? Collect, organize and store customer data

    Track customer interactions Provide personalized Customer Support Manage leads and sales pipelines How can it help business to grow? Build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers Anticipate customer needs Tailor customer offerings Increase conversion 4 Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  13. 現在預約 了解更多 Generating customer profile Webpages browsing Characteristics Ad tracking

    Preference CUSTOMER JOURNEY MARKETING WITH CDP WhatsApp Personalized marketing CDP records browsing behavior
  14. CDP E-shop/ official website/... Enhanced User Experience Efficient Marketing Campaigns

    Boosting Online and Offline Sales Competitive Marketing Advantages WordPress WordPress
  15. PLEASE TAKE OUT YOUR PHONES Start your automated Start your

    automated Start your automated marketing journey marketing journey marketing journey now! now! now!! ! !