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What's new in Cloud Next 2019

What's new in Cloud Next 2019

GDG Cloud Bangkok


  1. What's new in Google Cloud Next 2019 GDG Cloud Bangkok

    21 March 2019
  2. Managed service from open source partners: Open source partnership

  3. Managed service from partners, integrated directly into Cloud Console •

    Unified billing • Google Cloud support Open source partnership
  4. • Vertical Pod Autoscaler • Node Auto Provisioning • Binary

    Authorization • Usage metering • GKE Sandbox GKE Advanced
  5. Get pod resource recommendation (Optional) Update pod request automatically Vertical

    Pod Autoscaler
  6. Automatically create node pool based on unschedulable pods' informations: •

    CPU, Memory request • GPU request • Taints, tolerations Node Auto Provisioning
  7. Node Auto Provisioning • Create node pools to accomodate request

    Cluster Autoscaler • Resize node pools • Cannot do anything if all node pools doesn't fit request GKE Autoscaling
  8. • Record GKE usage in BigQuery • Plot usage data

    using Data Studio Usage Metering
  9. Run untrusted workload on GKE using gVisor sandbox • gVisor

    emulates Linux kernel in user space • Same sandbox as Cloud Run, Cloud Function & App Engine v2 GKE Sandbox
  10. Serverless container based on Knative Cloud Run

  11. Serverless on Google Cloud Language support Scale to Zero Run

    mostly unmodified app Concurrent calls per instance Cloud Run ✅ ✅ 1 - 80 Cloud Function ✅ ❌ 1 App Engine Standard ✅ ❌ 1 - 80 App Engine Flexible (not serverless) ❌ ✅ By CPU
  12. • Binary classification (eg. buy/no buy) • Multiclass classification (eg.

    customer segmentation) • Regression (eg. predict customer spending) AutoML Table
  13. Search product catalog from images • Supported categories: Home goods,

    Apparels, Toys Cloud Vision Product Search
  14. • Recommended for you • Others you may like •

    Frequently bought together • Shopping cart expansion Recommendation AI
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