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devdocs - offline language programming support

devdocs - offline language programming support

Gave this talk at the Vimberlin September 2019 meetup https://vimberlin.de/september-2019-meetup/


Matthias Günther

September 26, 2019


  1. devdocs Matthias Günther

  2. Features DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized,

    and searchable interface nearly every bigger framework is supported
  3. Demo time https://devdocs.io/

  4. vim and devdocs? https://github.com/rhysd/ devdocs.vim https://github.com/romainl/ vim-devdocs

  5. devdocs.vim DevDocsAll <query> … search global DevDocsUnderCursor … search global

    after the word under the cursor
  6. filetype map let g:devdocs_filetype_map = { \ 'ruby': 'padrino', \

    'javascript': 'react', \ }
  7. docdocs locally https://github.com/ freeCodeCamp/ devdocs#quick-start let g:devdocs_url = ‘http:// localhost:9292’

  8. Thank you Any questions?