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Gave this talk at the 3 birthday of Emacs Berlin

Matthias Günther

March 30, 2017

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  1. Browse file system and add tracks 5 … go into

    the browse mode a … add selection to library D … remove selection from library
  2. Play commands I b … plays next track z …

    plays previous c … pause, continue x … restart track p/P … change order of entries next/previous
  3. Play commands II +|- … increase, decrease sound C-f|C-b …

    page-down,page- up C-r … repeat current track
  4. Play commands statuschanges I m … cycle through play modus

    (all, album artist) M … switch modes without interrupting the currently- playing song r … repeat the playlist when ended (R in statusline)
  5. Play commands statuschanges II s … shuffle (S in statusline)

    C … toggle continue playing the next song (C in statusline)
  6. Fill queue and playlist y … add the selected song

    to playlist (3) e … mark the songs to the queue (4) (FIFO)
  7. Useful commands I :add ~/music … same as ‘a’ :colorscheme

    … will change the colorscheme :clear … will clear the current list
  8. Useful commands III :invert … select all tracks which are

    not marked :prev-view … toggle the last two views
  9. My config unbind -f common E bind common E run

    easytag {} unbind -f common + bind common + vol +5% unbind -f common - bind common - vol -5% # Vim like shortcuts to jump to the next/prev section unbind -f common ^N bind common ^N player-next unbind -f common ^P bind common ^P player-prev
  10. Get the cover ALBUM_PATH=/$(cmus-remote -Q | grep file | cut

    -d'/' --complement -s -f1 | rev | \ cut -d'/' --complement -s -f1 | rev | sed -e 's/\s/\\ /g' | \ sed -e 's/(/\\(/g' | sed -e 's/)/\\)/g')/cover.jpg ALBUM_NAME=$(cmus-remote -Q | grep -w 'tag album' | cut -d'~' --complement -f1 | \ cut -d' ' --complement -s -f1 | sed -e 's/\s/-/g') eval notify-send -i $ALBUM_PATH $ALBUM_NAME And the shortcut unbind -f common I bind common I shell bash ~/.config/cmus/album.sh